RedDress Donates FDA-Cleared Wound Care Solution to Aid Injured Ukrainians


What You Should Know:

RedDressa Florida-based Israeli medical company is shipping revolutionary blood-clotting wound care systems to Ukraine to help with serious injuries and severe trauma wounds.

– RedDress began shipments of 400 of their ActiGraft systems this week to multiple hospitals in Ukraine to help treat civilian casualties as a result of the indiscriminate Russian attacks.

ActiGraft: Recreating the Natural Wound Healing Environment

Chronic wounds — including diabetic ulcers, venous and arterial ulcers, and pressure ulcers — often do not heal or heal slowly because an underlying defect is impeding blood flow to the wound site. This lack of blood prevents the body from going through its natural wound healing processes. ActiGraft, based on RedDress’ proprietary patented technology, is an FDA-cleared wound care solution that enables health care providers to produce — in real-time — in vitro blood clots from a patient’s whole blood. Once applied, the autologous blood clot serves as a protective covering and supports wound healing processes that naturally occur in the patient’s body.

In addition to donating the FDA-cleared wound care product, RedDress is coordinating with their partner medical specialists from GraftIn and SlavaMed to help with delivery into Ukraine, while another partner, Dr. Arkadiy Savchenko, a leading expert and Department of Surgery No. 2 of Danylo Halytsky Lviv National Medical University, will lead the charge to teach Ukrainian nurses, doctors and aid workers, on how to use the systems.


The systems are expected to be delivered to Ukraine this week and could be used in the field as early as next week.

“We’re grateful we’re in a position to not only have a cutting-edge product that has a far greater success rate than traditional wound care treatment options, but also that we have the ability to be financially capable of donating these resources to help so many people in need, ”said Robert Mueller, general manager of RedDress.

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