Recora Raises $ 20M for Virtual Cardiac Recovery Platform


What You Should Know:

Recora today emerged from stealth to announce $ 20M in Series A funding led by SignalFire with participation from Valor Equity Partners and existing investor Pear VC.

– In addition, the company while also unveiled its Cardiac Recovery Program for health systems, medical groups and health plans.

Redefining the Future of Heart Health

Recora is redesigning heart health, beginning with cardiac recovery. Cardiac rehabilitation is indicated following a heart attack, heart surgery (stent placement, coronary artery bypass surgery, or valvular surgery) as well as for patients who chronically manage congestive heart failure or stable angina. Typical cardiac rehabilitation programs include a few components: aerobic exercise training, nutritional counseling, disease education, psychosocial support, and (if applicable) tobacco cessation. Recora services build off of extensive evidence supporting the benefits of home-based cardiac rehabilitation and clinical guidelines for the provision of exercise therapy.

Recora’s Cardiac Recovery Program

Currently serving Geisinger and several regional insurance plans covering over 30,000 cardiac patients, Recora’s Cardiac Recovery Program moves beyond 12 weeks of rehabilitation to deliver comprehensive care management that focuses on a patient’s overall health and wellness. Through virtual tools and on-demand access to care teams and other resources, the program empowers patients to manage their heart health from home while enabling providers and plans to provide comprehensive cardiac care and strengthen patient relationships.

Recora’s Cardiac Recovery Program includes:

– Recora Recovery Kit: The kit includes an Internet-enabled smart tablet and other tools such as resistance bands and blood pressure monitor that can be used by patients of all ages.

– Recora Program: A personalized program that goes beyond virtual sessions to include educational tools, support groups, and 24/7 chat with the Recora Care Team.

– Recora Care Team: A dedicated team of multidisciplinary providers including physicians, nurses, exercise physiologists, health coaches, dietitians, and other specialists.

Cardiac Recovery Program Outcomes / Results

Recora’s Cardiac Recovery Program has already garnered industry-leading results including:

– 11% hospital readmission rate for Recora patients, versus the national average of 43% across Medicare patients with heart failure at six months

– 87% Recora cardiac recovery program completion rate, versus the national average of 26%

– 95% of Recora patients with hypertension improved into normal blood pressure ranges

– 94% of Recora patients adhere to their cardiac medication

– 80% improvement of distance and strength gains among Recora patients

“Today, one in three people die of heart disease. Although cardiac rehabilitation is considered the standard of care, just 16 percent of eligible patients start the program and 26 percent finish all sessions. It’s time to change that, ”said Recora CEO and co-founder Abhishek Chandra. “At Recora, we believe that the future of heart health centers on cardiac recovery. We need to go beyond cardiac rehab to build a deep, continuous relationship with heart disease patients. With our initial partnerships showing the strength of engaging patients virtually at home, we look forward to further supporting health systems and health plans. ”

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