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QR code scanning is becoming a norm everywhere these days, but for some schools and educational institutions it is a technology with costs that are burning in their pocket.

When Akif Rabbani was still studying at UNITEN in June 2020, his high school ICT teacher asked him whether or not there were cheaper solutions for QR attendance and temperature taking in schools.

“A solution of 35 RM / student / month has been charged. Imagine that if a school had 2,000 students, this would cost them 70,000 RM per month just for a simple system. So I thought, it is possible to build it myself yourself and make it more accessible to people? ”Akif has shared with Vulcan Post.

So he took matters into his own hands and worked with his classmates to create one for his high school, SMK Bandar Rinching. Fortunately, it received positive feedback after its technology was deployed and disseminated to other schools, Datang.el meu.

Making it affordable for schools

Datang.my currently consists of a team of eight, including Akif, most of whom are also from UNITEN with computer training. They are currently working to develop and improve their technology full time.

The faces behind Datang.my

The most basic package is free, where you can get features like:

  • Attendance file
  • Record of visitors or guests
  • Analysis of the attendance report
  • Temperature register
  • Connect with the thermometer
  • RFID card integration
  • SMS notification (RM0.09 per SMS)
  • Multi-user access

Note that the function of SMS is to send notifications to parents of students who want to have this information. And for the convenience of teachers, they can introduce different class sessions to the app and attend accordingly.

To make the attendance analysis more accurate, teachers can also cancel dates that are school holidays to match the attendance rate on school days.

Because its QR technology is free, Datang.my really generates revenue by selling peripheral devices such as Bluetooth wireless infrared thermometers and QR / RFID scanners with its system. These would be the investments that schools would have to make for the first time to move from pen and paper attendance systems to contactless systems.

If you are a school that already has these technologies, you can connect the thermometer to the phone that can be integrated with the Datang.my ecosystem.

Datang.my system support / Image credit: Datang.my

They also have premium packages starting from RM33 / place / month that allow users to have a personalized ID card, a merit system and more.

Because some schools prohibit students from carrying phones, they created a system that instead requires attendees to carry a QR code each, which is almost like an ID card, which must be scanned to check the presence and temperature recording. So schools that want to imagine their students ’QR attendance cards can opt for the more premium features.

Student ID cards / Image credit: Datang.my

And if a student forgets to bring their QR card, in the app there is a section with all the names of the students in which a teacher can click to mark their attendance.

“Because data privacy is important, we can’t see which sites are registered with which organization unless they’re willing to share them with us. But so far, more than 2,000 schools have shared with us that they use Datang.my in their schools, ”Akif said of his user acquisition.

The manual entry is where you can click on the names of students who forgot to bring their ID / Image Credit: Datang.my

Some principals still prefer to attend old school

Although their technology seems to have been well received by various institutions and is quite affordable, they are still not tea cups from some schools.

“One of our users complained that they have completely set up Datang.my at their school, but when they suddenly changed principal, he wanted to discard the system as he relies more on the pen and paper assistance provided by a copy physics “. Akif shared with Vulcan Post.

Surprisingly, this happened at Akif’s own school, which was where they piloted this system of solutions to become what it is today. “So far, we cannot convince the new principal to use our technology developed by his own alumni. It’s really heartbreaking, “he said.

With every product and service, there are only certain groups of people who are not the right target audience. Despite this, Akif shared that more than 18,000 places have been registered in his system, which includes kindergartens, schools, universities, offices, factories, religious institutions and more.

Now, although Datang.my during the pandemic to solve a cost-effective solution, also clarified that its system of solutions had always been built taking into account a post-pandemic relevance for its convenience.

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Featured Image Credit: Akif Rabbani, Datang.my

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