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The cheapest Michelin-starred food in the world will no longer be the seller of Hawker Chan soy sauce chicken.

Chef Chan Hon Meng’s Hawker Chan has been left out of the Singapore 2021 Michelin guide. This year he did not retain the Michelin star.

The news sparked online debates and drew positive and negative opinions about it. Some said the brand’s current offerings are not worthy of a Michelin star, while others championed the food and offered words of encouragement to Hawker Chan.

Hawker Chan Dishes / Image Credit: danielfooddiary

Before Hawker Chan got recognition in 2016, the cheapest meal of the stop, chicken rice with soy sauce cost just $ 2.00. The price has risen, but is still slightly below S $ 3.00 at the Chinatown branch.

Since recognition in 2016, Hawker Chan has opened many more offices in places like Tai Seng and Tampines Mall.

Hill Street traveling companion Tai Hwa Pork Noodle has been in the category since the inaugural edition of the Guide in 2016.

Online review of food

There was a lot of feedback on line, some said the food was “mediocre” to begin with, while others said that since Hawker Chan sold the recipe to the chain, the standard “fell like a rock.”

“I wasn’t surprised they lost the star,” one Facebook user commented.

Image credit: Facebook screengrab

Some food critics have lowered their views on Hawker Chan after launching a chain of restaurants under the brand.

Turned on danielfooddiary, the food blogger gave an overview of the outing to Tai Seng. He said customers should not go to this branch waiting for Michelin-quality food, as the Smith Street street stop was the one that got the star.

But he added that even though chicken prices are A $ 3.80, it is still very affordable.

Hawker Chan responds to the comments

Despite being questioned about the restaurant’s quality control standards, a Hawker Chan spokesman said nothing has changed since the brand’s debut in 2009.

“We prepare our fresh food daily, with the same secret recipe and the same method of cooking to prepare our chicken with soy sauce as we have been doing since the beginning of Hawker Chan 12 years ago,” the spokesman said. “We don’t believe in using a central kitchen to prepare food.”

Chef Chan Hon Meng, founder of Hawker Chan / Image Credit: Getty Images

“Everyone has their own opinion when it comes to food choices,” the spokesman added.

The team is “disappointed” by the results, but they refuse to throw in the towel and let the mishap affect them. They hope to get the best result for the next edition of the Michelin guide.

Long queues continue at the Hawker Chan Chinatown stop

Despite the loss, guests still queued at the stop at the Michelin-starred or no-star Chinese Hawker Chan resort.

Fans have also gone online to encourage Hawker Chan not to give up.

“You don’t need a star to shine! You have already served the public well by providing good tasty food at very affordable prices, ”said a Facebook user.

Long queues continue at Chinatown stop / Image Credit: Gavin Tan

On LinkedIn, user Eric Sim posted a post to cheer on Chef Chan.

“Life and work have their ups and downs. Please try again next year, Mr. Chan! ”

From one stop in 2016 to 19 stops in 5 years

Hawker Chan has been expanding since his victory in 2016, as the chef wanted to hit “While the iron is hot.”

It has five outlets in Taiwan, one in Malaysia, two in Thailand, two in Australia, three in the Philippines and one in Kazakhstan. These are a total of 14 stores worldwide.

Locally, it has five outlets. With the main stop in Chinatown and branches also in Chinatown, Tai Seng, Tampines and Orchard Road.

Even though Hawker Chan has lost his star, he can still claim to be the first street vendor in the world to get a Michelin star.

Hawker Chan Chinatown Stop / Image Credit: Getty Images

In addition, you can also count your bank money to feel better. Because his decision to jump at the chance to expand only with his signature chicken rice recipe has definitely paid off.

The pandemic has affected its expansion plans with fewer customers eating and fewer tourists in Singapore. However, Covid-19 has also presented Hawker Chan with the opportunity to capture another segment of the customer base. He began receiving orders online and expanded his delivery services, which helped drive sales.

We leave you with a quote from Chef Chan himself:

“I have failed many times in my life. However, failure is the key to leading a successful life. The tendency to get up and move forward is more important to be successful. “

Featured Image Credit: Getty Images, Hawker Chan

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