Popular Health Apps decide to stop sending information to Facebook amidst growing concerns


Earlier in the previous week, following a report published by The Wall Street Journal on Friday, 22nd February, several major health and fitness apps scrambled to stop sending sensitive personal information to Facebook Inc. amidst fears that this data is transmitting detailed information regarding topics that include its users’ weight and menstrual cycles.

Following the report published by the Journal on Friday, a new round of testing conducted by Facebook showed that nearly four of the apps which were identified and contacted as part of the Journal’s reporting issued updates to cut off transmission of sensitive data to the social media giant.

Azumio Inc.’s Instant Heart Rate: HR Monitor and Flo Health Inc.’s Flo Period & Ovulation Tracker were the apps that made the change, as per shown by the tests.

Furthermore, the tests published on Sunday also showed that other famous food- and exercise-logging apps including, Lose It!, and FitNow Inc., also stopped sending Facebook information.

As per data published by a test conducted on Thursday, previously Facebook had been receiving information on the weight of users of Lose It! used to log in with, additional information also includes the weight that was gained or lost by the users.

Sources claim that these changes were a result of Facebook’s response to the report published by the Journal, as the social media giant contacted a few large scale developers and advertisers informing them to prohibit their partners from transferring any sensitive data to Facebook.

According to a person whose company was contacted by Facebook, he said that his company is working on new systems to detect and block uploads of such information by apps.

The person further said that Facebook contacted the company and directed a major developer to make sure that the company had a legal justification for all the user information it transfers to Facebook in its app via SDK or the software-development kit provided by Facebook.