Philips Launches First Integrated 12-Lead Home ECG Solution for Decentralized Clinical Trials


Philips Launches First Integrated 12-Lead Home ECG Solution for Decentralized Clinical Trials

What you should know:

Philips presented the first full-service 12-lead home electrocardiogram (ECG) solution for use in decentralized clinical trials.

– The solution is the most advanced patient-centered ECG offering in the company’s cardiac monitoring portfolio, combining data readings comparable to site-based clinical ECGs with leading-based data collection and analysis services in the Philips cloud.

Patient wear problems

Patient wear and tear is one of the most important problems faced by clinical trial sponsors and the inconvenience of adhering to protocol regimens and repetitive site visits is one of the main reasons why patients decide to withdraw. – voluntarily from a trial, beyond the progression of the disease. A 12-lead clinical-grade ECG that patients can use at home as part of decentralized clinical trials not only adds comfort to the patient, but also helps improve the recruitment, compliance, and retention of the trial assistant. to reduce the need for a place. visits.

ECG designed to improve patient recruitment, compliance, and retention

Leveraging PCA 500 ECG patch data recording technology, the home solution allows clinical trial participants to record data with a quality comparable to home-based ECG. The innovative patch for the body of the solution ensures the placement of 12-lead ECGs and a very secure and almost real-time data transmission without the need for recurring site visits, on-site technicians or home nurses.

Philips offers a full range of clinically validated outpatient cardiac monitoring and diagnosis services and experience associated with its cardiac care portfolio, including its BioTel research capabilities that have already supported more than 2,000 clinical trials in 72 countries. These comprehensive offerings provide industry-leading technology and data management that streamlines the clinical trial process and ensures optimal performance. The 12-lead home ECG solution is now available in select markets in North America, Europe and Asia.

“Our clients are looking for solutions to help them address key challenges that may prevent them from extracting meaningful knowledge from their clinical trials,” said Andy Broadway, Philips’ CEO of Outpatient Monitoring and Diagnosis. “Our growing portfolio of remote monitoring solutions helps curb patient wear and tear by reducing the number of site visits required during the trial period, helping to improve both the quality of the outcome and the overall patient experience.”

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