Philips acquires Cardiologists to expand its cardiac diagnosis and monitoring portfolio


Philips acquires Cardiologists to expand its cardiac diagnosis and monitoring portfolio

What you should know:

Philips today he announced that he had signed an agreement acquire Based in Paris Cardiologists, a medical technology company based in France focused on the transformation of cardiac diagnosis artificial intelligence (AI) and cloud technology.

– Cardiologists will further strengthen Philips ’cardiac monitoring and diagnostic offering with innovative software technology, electrocardiogram (ECG) analysis and reporting services. The financial details of the acquisition were not disclosed.

– The acquisition of Cardiologs fits perfectly with Philips’ existing portfolio of cardiac care solutions. This includes real-time patient monitoring, therapeutic devices, telehealth, and hospital computing, as well as outpatient cardiac diagnosis and monitoring solutions, which were added thanks to the recent acquisition of BioTelemetry, Inc.

Background of Cardiologists

Cardiologs was founded in 2014 and is headquartered in Paris, France. Its approximately 70 employees, which largely include software engineers and data scientists with experience in AI and deep learning algorithms, will join Philips and expand the company’s continued innovation activities focused on AI along with the company’s R&D laboratory in Paris. Philips has a strong presence in France, consisting of research and development activities, as well as sales, marketing and distribution in multiple locations.

“We are thrilled to be a part of Philips and continue to innovate together to deliver solutions that empower doctors around the world,” said Yann Fleureau, co-founder and CEO of Cardiologs. “We look forward to having the opportunity to expand the business as part of Philips, while maintaining vendor neutrality and continuing to work with third-party vendors to drive greater adoption of digital health solutions globally.”

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