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As I walk down the cosmetics aisle of my local department stores, I am amazed at the selection of lotions, serums, creams, potions, and all sorts of products that aim to make me look younger. I’m also amazed at the prices; apparently, I can find the best product ever as long as I’m willing to spend between $ 35 and $ 600! It is true that I have tried many of these department store products over the years as well as many other products that do not get enough mention in beauty marketing and many of them are surprisingly affordable.

We will embark on a new adventure of outlining a product each week with a description of the benefits and where to buy. In addition, when outlining products, we will talk about beauty terms and define beauty ingredients to help us navigate these beauty product aisles and aisles.

My own story started playing with beauty products at 12 years old. I fondly remember my first car trip to Filene’s, a local department store in Newton, Massachusetts, where I grew up. I was fascinated by all the pretty women behind the counter and I quickly moved on to the Clinic counter. Seriously, there was something safe and comforting Clinic counter. The sales staff wears white lab coats and their focus is gentle which makes you want to try the bright pink lip gloss shown there. So I tried the bright pink lip gloss and was soon asked about my skin care regimen; I was 12 and had none! So they showed me what I needed to do to take care of my skin, and at that point I got hooked! I bought my first department store beauty product; it was Clinic Clarifying Lotion 3: a product I still use today!

That day changed my life. Since then I have always had a passion for skin care and style, and through this new article I hope to provide everyone with beauty tips and industry trends so we can all be better educated consumers.

In the next article we will start outlining products: there are so many product lines to choose from and we want to make sure you know them all!

In future articles we will talk about skin types: it will be important to know if your skin is dry, normal, combination or oily and, in addition to your skin type, you will need to know if your skin is sensitive to the product. Let us be your guide!

Rosemaria is a licensed beautician in both California and Massachusetts. She has worked with many product lines throughout her career specializing in skin care and as a makeup artist for department stores and spas. Follow her on Instagram @RosemariaBeauty

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