People who don’t eat breakfast are more likely to develop


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When it comes to food and heart health, there are two important factors: the type of food you eat and when you eat them.

While eating three meals a day is the standard set by all guidelines, for most people it is not a reality. It’s hard to eat every meal when you have to wake up, eat, go to work, eat on the go and eat at home again. According to a new study, skipping breakfast can pose some risks to heart health.

Published in the magazine Clinical nutrition, the study it was a meta-analysis that examined seven different studies conducted on breakfast and heart health. Although the studies had conflicting evidence, the researchers hoped to provide some clarification with an overview of all of them.

More than 220,000 participants were analyzed. 22% of them skipped breakfast, experiencing an increased risk of cardiovascular disease.

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It’s not the first time skipping breakfast has been associated with poor heart health. According to the American Heart Association, people who skip breakfast are more likely to experience diabetes, obesity and high cholesterol, all conditions related to heart disease.

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While all meals are important, breakfast occupies a special place in our day. It is the food that provides us with this initial burst of energy, that determines our moods, that helps us concentrate and replenish the energy and nutrients that your body craves and has lost during the night. Breakfast breaks the fasting period at night, which is usually long.

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It is common for people to skip breakfast due to early problems, prioritizing meals such as lunch and dinner. But breakfast is key for several reasons. It helps people maintain their weight, controlling their appetite and preventing them from eating something caloric just because they have reached the middle of the day and have not had time to eat anything.

People who eat breakfast regularly tend to be healthier in their heart and in their life. If there is one meal you should prioritize it is this one.

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