Patent granted to XRHealth to measure the balance and perform a fall risk assessment


What you should know:

XRHealth received a patent to measure the balance and conduct a virtual and augmented reality crash risk assessment.

XRHealth, the leader in extended reality and telehealth therapeutic applications, announces today that they have received a patent to measure the balance and perform a fall risk assessment using virtual reality and augmented reality therapy.

Evaluation of the postural balance in virtual reality or augmented reality patent

The patent is entitled “Assessment of postural oscillation in virtual reality or augmented reality.” Balancing is measured using a VR / AR platform to measure position data from headphones or manual sensors. Then, the position data determines the center of mass. When the patient enters the virtual / augmented reality environment, he simulates a situation in which the user is unbalanced. Position and center of mass data are sent to a server to determine if the person is at risk of falling.

Impact of fall risk for the elderly

According to the CDC, one in five falls causes serious complications such as bone fractures or head injuries. With the new capability, XRHealth can assess the risk of falling probability in elderly patients, which could prevent a debilitating injury.

Three million the elderly are sent to the emergency room each year to treat fall injuries and 95% of hip fractures are a consequence of falls. “When treating elderly patients, the ability to accurately measure balance in an AR / VR therapeutic process can prevent falls that can lead to long-term disabilities,” said Eran Orr, CEO of XRHealth. “The advantage of using XR to measure rocking is that patients can do so from the comfort of their home, during routine extended reality therapy.”

XRHealth Background

XRHealth has virtual clinics in the United States that treat patients remotely with VR / AR-based therapy while being examined by a licensed XRHealth therapist. The XRHealth platform combines FDA-registered medical applications with advanced data analysis, providing a comprehensive solution for therapists and patients, while collecting and analyzing patients ’interactions with virtual objects in virtual environments.

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