Parkland Health leverages current health to boost its hypertension control program


What you should know:

Parkland Health & Hospital System – one of the largest health systems in Dallas, Texas – has selected Current health, the leading business platform for home care, to support patients with hypertension from the comfort of their home.

– Through its new hypertension control program, Parkland aims to mitigate this risk by providing regular follow-up, commitment and education. Parkland will use Current Health to monitor patients’ blood pressure and other symptoms and activate alerts if their conditions worsen. This not only allows for proactive intervention that leads to better outcomes for patients, but also encourages improved experiences for patients and reduces system costs by reducing hospital visits.

– According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, nearly half (47%) of adults in the United States have high blood pressure, which increases their risk of heart disease and stroke. As part of the program, patients will receive a pre-configured wireless blood pressure cuff to transmit blood pressure data to the platform independent of the Current Health device. In addition, patients will also receive a Home Health Hub that includes Internet connectivity and a tablet so they can answer daily symptom questionnaires and receive real-time reminders to take their blood pressure.

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