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A white brick house is a classic and durable style, one of the few exterior styles that is both timeless and fashionable at the same time. In fact, a white brick house is one of the few styles that always stops me on the slopes on night walks.

There is only something like this that I will always love! If you are a fan of white painted brick houses, you will love this charming colonial house with a white brick exterior, not to mention the front and back images.

Learn the best colors of white paint to paint a painted brick house, along with some details about whitewashed brick houses. Turn your dark, dated brick home into a home you’ll love forever, while adding value.

There is something so lovely about a white brick house! I still dream of painting the brick of our house white, but for now ours Tudor Paint Colors they have helped me get dizzy.

Painted white brick is classic, warm and cozy. It captures the texture and history of the brick, with a fresh, updated and modern appeal.

Ever since we moved out of ours Colonial Home in Kansas City in our House in Sant Lluís (Click to see before and after sightseeing), I admired this lovely white painted brick house at the end of the house.

Of course, the colonialists always have my heart in every way: we painted our cedar beat Colonial in a pale neutral color, too. But white siding or white brick gets me every time!

This white brick house (which belongs to my now friend Lindsay) exudes a majestic and stately look, but it also feels so fresh, warm and cozy. It is a white house with black edges that will never go out of style.

A colonial white brick house with a curved entrance.

Painted brick house before and after

Often a house has vision (and courage), Lindsay clearly had both.

An exterior house of dark brick before being transformed into paint.
An exterior house of dark brick before being transformed into paint.
The dark brick entrance of a brick house with a yellow door before it was painted white.

This classic house was beautiful before. I can fully understand and appreciate the love for a traditional brick house.

But the aftermath? It lit up and lit up and completely changed the exterior of this house. It now feels fresh, modern and so cozy, with a lot of frequent attractions.

Why would you love a white brick house?

  • Timeless but also on trend
  • It feels clean and fresh
  • Warm and welcoming
  • Bright and neutral
  • Add value to your home
A white brick house with black shutters.

Details about this house with white brick

This house has a classic colonial style. While it was probably built 4-5 decades ago, it is so timeless that it looks like it could be from any decade.

This white brick house also contrasts with the most beautiful black blinds, which is another classic color scheme that will never go out of style. The black double doors, the metal roof over the entrance and the beautiful circular pebble unit add even more charm.

It feels polished, cohesive and magnificent. This combination of colors and style could be replicated in any size or style of house … which means it can also work very well for you.

A white brick house with black shutters.

The best colors of white brick exterior paint

Benjamin Moore Simply White

This colonial brick is painted by Benjamin Moore Simply white and accented with black shutters and doors.

Simply White is a warm white color that feels fresh and clean. It has a yellow hue in some lighting situations, but as you can see outside this house, it reads like a true white.

It is eternally classic and will never look as old-fashioned as many of the most popular paint combinations today. Of course, a white brick house has a beautiful look, with softer accents … grays, beiges, blues and greens are beautiful in combination with painted brick.

A white brick house with black shutters.

One tip to keep in mind: you don’t need a “true white” color for your home exterior, because so many beige, cream, and oatmeal colors will look “white” in the sunlight.

It’s so important to try a variety of pale whites and neutrals and see how they look in the morning, afternoon and evening to find the one that works best for you.

Here are some more favorite white and neutral paint color options for a fabulous white brick exterior finish.

Swiss coffee Benjamin Moore

Benjamin Moore White Where

Sherwin Williams Accessible Beige

Sherwin Williams Everyday White

Realistic beige by Sherwin Williams

Sherwin Williams Greek Villa

Benjamin Moore China White

White duck by Sherwin Williams

Sherwin Williams Oyster White

Sherwin Williams Snow Bound

white brick exterior close-up

Frequently asked questions

Do white brick houses get dirty?

Painted brick will, of course, require more maintenance than traditional brick, but this is minimal if the benefits are taken into account. A white brick exterior can show a little more dirt than other colors, depending on the weather, outdoor landscape, and humidity, of course.

What color goes well with white brick?

Black is a classic, timeless accent color for white brick exteriors. However, you can also choose a softer green, blue, beige, or gray for a fairly neutral color that is still a shade of color.

Is it difficult to keep the brick painted white?

A latex-painted brick home may need to be repainted every five years. Think of a mineral paint base, which is believed to let the brick breathe, thus extending the useful life of your painting work.

Is red brick out of fashion?

Red brick is timeless, historic and always stylish. However, in recent years, light and white brick exteriors have become a trend that combines historical charm and modern sentiments.

What colored blinds look best in a white brick house?

The options are endless and white is the best neutral color of all. Think of a soft, muted green, blue, or gray for a more subtle contrast to your white brick. Of course, the deeper shades of dark grays, greens, and blacks also look spectacular.

A colonial white brick house with a curved entrance.

White washed brick house

Another option if you like the look of a white brick house, but want to keep the brick you see a little longer, is to wash it white.

A white brick house is easier than you might think. This process lets the brick through a bit, as it is literally a “wash” of paint created with a 50/50 mixture of water and paint.

Any of the above mentioned white brick house paint colors would work with the white house washing process. This process also works for fireplaces, walls, etc. of brick, which often appear in old houses.

  1. Clean the brick gently, either with soft cable bristles, hoses or cleaning solutions.
  2. Remove any loose, remaining paint that is already on the surface of the bricks.
  3. Protect areas where you don’t want to worry about spilling paint: patios, floors, window sills, blinds, and more.
  4. Create your bleach blend with your favorite white paint color and water; simply mix them in a 50/50 solution.
  5. Use your favorite brush or cloth to roll over the bleach solution. Create a cohesive look by working in smaller sections, completing each area before moving on to the next.
A white brick house sitting among green trees and flowers.

Well, what do you think? Are you ready to jump with both feet and paint your house brick white? I am!

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