Op-Ed: problem: COVID’s Delta variant and mixed messages about vaccination could sabotage recovery


Thailand launches massive vaccination campaign against Covid-19 as it tries to overcome a wave of infections and restart its crucial tourism industry – Copyright AFP Lillian SUWANRUMPHA

He new Indian variant of Delta COVID it has come at exactly the wrong time. In the UK, the first rising rise in infections has now emerged. The Delta version of COVID is it is believed to be highly infectious, and capable of infecting people who have been partially vaccinated.

As usual, the amount of actual information is limited. For a long time it was predicted that the pandemic would be affected by new variants. The world has had an intensive course in virology, but some lessons take longer than others.

The main problem with this new variant is that it has the potential to derail the recovery very efficiently. The global vaccination program was a record. Vaccination in several stages takes time.

Time is exactly what the world does not have. This new variant has the ability to overcome the vaccination program. Blockages are inevitable. In fact, this could be the next real round, ready or not.

Vaccination and mass problems

Meanwhile, on the vaccination front, few people care about recognizing real problems and issues related to vaccination resistance. New vaccines raise a lot of concern about unattractive risks such as blood clots.

Anecdotally, many people online also report a wide range of unpleasant side effects of vaccines that last for days. As a disincentive to vaccination, this information is very difficult to ignore.

Add to that the rather vague situation about what happens if vaccination goes wrong and you have another disincentive to vaccination. People do not avoid vaccination for no reason; they are really worried and have reason to be worried.

Okay, new vaccines, especially vaccines produced at an incredible rate, are likely to have problems. New vaccines and new technologies are being predicted, most notably a “pill vaccine” by the end of the year. No wonder these messages so mixed up about vaccination issues and better future options don’t exactly generate much excitement for the current vaccination program.

The Delta factor

All of this, however, is now subject to all that the Delta variant can do in the meantime. If this variant can have the impact of the first original global climb, it is a big problem.

Health systems are surprising in their own recovery modes right now. The large decrease in infections has helped, but no one intends to return to normal at this time. Another major success of these systems is likely to be neither easy nor economical to manage. Logistics has been severely strained, and another strain is likely to simply overload the entire supply chain.

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More blockages? Probably.

The bottom line is that drastic quarantine, vaccinations (preferably without side effects and risks) and restricted movement were better than anything else during the first outbreak. Some countries, such as Australia and New Zealand, managed to contain the virus very effectively using these methods.

Nothing else works, and the rapid spread of this virus is too well documented. There really is no other option.

Strange policies, UVC and lack of ideas

From a purely political perspective, the pandemic has been a black hole. There is absolutely nothing to say about “herd immunity” and a viral pandemic. If the original strain of the virus does not reach you, it is likely the next or later.

The “herd immunity” policy is a bit strange. The flu, the previous major virus pandemic, was contained rather than hit. Eventually, medical technology caught up with the problem and was able to minimize if not eliminate the flu.

In this case, the policy must work with medical realities and try to expand preventive options. Very little is done about it basic technologies such as UVC, which can help reduce airborne viral populations by irradiation. What exactly happens to a safe, cheap “zone weapon” that is nothing more than a simple light in public spaces?

The UVC is drawing a lot of attention to the news and the private sector, but not to politics. Why not? Any possible option must be better than no other option. If there is an easy way to manage this virus, it should be scanned, preferably as soon as possible.

In the worst case

If the Delta variant goes out of control, all bets are off. Any return to normalcy may be impossible. The cost and time scale of a second major pandemic can put unthinkable tensions on the world. The magnitude of the possible social and economic chaos cannot be exaggerated.

The world spread the first pandemic, barely and largely thanks to the front lines, not to the self-proclaimed political saviors and autonomous experts. The rhetoric made things worse.

If the Delta variant becomes a major problem, the fan will not only be hit this time; can be deleted.

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