Op-Ed: Major Advances in Self-Knowing Metamaterials and Cookie Cutter Coverage


Self-aware materials contain sensors and can detect changes in their environment. They are also self-employed. The University of Pittsburgh’s Smart Structural Response and Monitoring Testing Laboratory (iSMaRT)got information about their new discoveries and they are fascinating.

It is almost impossible to quantify the scope of this technology, from smart stents to spacecraft and beyond. To put this exceptionally valuable technology into perspective:

  • These metamaterials are a vast class of new materials for an infinite number of uses, from medical engineering to large scale. Self-healing materials they are already on the market. Guided self-repair, using sensors, would be a breakthrough in itself.
  • One of the biggest costs to the industry is maintenance. Self-repair can be a great benefit. Self-repair could also be used to document problems and material problems, invaluable to researchers.
  • “Planned obsolescence” and other useless costs swallowed up in money. This long-term annoyance could end up with self-managed materials. Simply adapt self-conscious materials as needed.
  • The capacity of the integrated sensor structured in any context is a great improvement of the superimposed sensor method. It is a systemic approach, much needed in medicine, and potentially critical in many forms of construction and engineering.

Coverage … a kind of … Need market orientation

Read This article about new technology.

The coverage of this breakthrough is pretty much the same. This is a pity. This is the beginning of a technological revolution, in many ways. It deserves proper control and desperately needs more information about the basics.

It’s okay and you need to be a little smart on specific aspects and technical issues of ownership. For example, scalability at the nano and macro levels is important. Why are there no more indicators of practical applications to introduce technology? The adaptability and adjustability of metamaterials is a really critical issue. Why not expand it?

I strongly advise iSMaRT to start looking for a good selective exposure for information. This is a giant range of market diversity. Oriented information will do much better than general statements. Specific information is required where important.

There is a lot of important money to be thrown into such a useful technology. There are many metamaterial developers who could use this technology very effectively in so many environments. Space, medicine, computers, basic electronics; there is no limit.

So let’s do some proper peer coverage, right? It is possible that these researchers have solved one of humanity’s oldest and by far the most annoying problems.

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