Op / Ed: Dangerous and Totally Stupid Trend: Driverless Tesla Videos on Social Media


The Tesla autopilot system is classified as a Level 2 SAE system. The vehicle is a 2017 X 75D model with a dark interior. Image – Ian Maddox CC SA 4.0

According to the latest trend in video sharing on social media, some TikTok users share videos about them letting their Tesla autopilot take over their electric vehicles while driving on the road. More than 2 million viewers liked the video.

In accordance with CTV News Canada, at TikTok a short, bustling ride was shared showing three young people dancing in their seats, beers nearby, as the vehicle descends down the road near other cars at 105km / h, as shown on the speedometer.

And not only do Tik Tok users get into what they think is a “fun thing,” but the videos are displayed on various social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and more, according to reports Tech Times.

So far, social media giant and short-form video app TikTok has decided to label users who post driverless Tesla videos as dangerous. But the company has not yet banned the videos. All they say is that if “users continue to do this, it could cause them serious injury.”

The goal is that this trend is not only stupid as they all come out, but it is illegal. It also transmits instructions from the Tesla website to those from the car driver assistance system it is “designed to be used with a fully attentive driver, who has his hands on the wheel and is willing to take control at any time.”

The main way Tesla cars measure the driver’s attention is by means of torque sensors on the steering wheel that look for resistance, a crude way to ensure drivers keep their hands on the steering wheel. If you don’t record enough feedback, the car performs a series of increasing visual and audible warnings.

But everything has changed, now that Elon Musk has given in to regulators and safety experts, who for years asked Tesla to install better vehicle control systems in cars.

In accordance with The Verge, Tesla is starting to use the camera on top of the Model 3 and Model Y rear-view mirrors to make sure people pay attention to the road while using the autopilot, the company’s advanced driver assistance system.

But with all of Tesla’s driver protection systems, and there are plenty of them, including a system that will ultimately disable the driver’s self-driving system if the driver’s seat belt doesn’t bend or the driver’s hands driver are not behind the wheel, for some idiots are not “big deal”.

According to VOA News, Consumer reports posted a video in which an incredulous tester easily tricked a Tesla into driving without anyone behind the wheel.

“Idiots will be idiots, they’ll find a way to trick the system and that’s not Tesla’s fault, they can put a lot of other things here people will just defeat him,” it was said in a video on a poster that said ” Dirty Tesla “. its YouTube page, which has 55,000 subscribers.

The bottom line is simple: All social media platforms should ban home videos showing drivers cheating on Tesla’s self-sufficient system. They are not pretty nor are they fun. And they prove one thing: every minute an idiot is born.

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