Most Angelinos missed celebrating with the extended family last year. But admit it … There was a part of you that appreciated the suspense. Instead of walking around the country to Grandma’s house, we all avoided the usual interruption of the holidays and led the life we ​​always lead.

While you may have missed love and togetherness, you should at least keep your gym schedule and do it all preferred training classes – and your general physical condition thanked you.

This year, you probably won’t be so lucky. So instead of putting your workout routine on hold for a week, Olittle makes it a lot easier by offering the same intensive, focused workout you’d get in a boutique gym directly on their digital fitness platform 24 hours a day, 7 days a day, 365 days a week. use at home or at grandma’s house.

Online fitness classes have never worked as well

Obé Fitness co-founders and CEOs Mark Mullett and Ashley Mills launched their service with a simple goal in mind: to democratize the world of premium fitness by introducing the boutique fitness model that is typically only available to the rich and famous. for everyone.

Boutique gyms have begun to emerge and take off in the last two decades, especially in major urban cities like New York and Los Angeles. Those little gyms often focused on group exercise and specialized in one or two very specific fitness areas, such as the SoulCycle spinning workouts or the Orangetheory program that combines running, rowing, and strength training.

These programs offered hyper-focused training from enthusiastic instructors who often interacted with their students. Between the custom programs and the usually small footprints, the experience took off and the courses used to fill up quickly. This led to the other less fabulous hallmark of boutique gyms: their often very high prices. In fact, it’s not uncommon for boutique gym courses to allow members to return $ 20 or $ 30 per course, with monthly fees of up to $ 300 or more.

Mullett and Mills thought they could replicate the personal feel and energy of the boutique gym experience for everyone, which led to the launch of obé Fitness in 2016. Now, the obé digital platform has grown to to include up to 20 live fitness classes per day. with more than 7,000 classes available to members on request in more than a dozen different training subdisciplines.

obé offers the best home workout programs

Initially, new obé members will appreciate the reach of everything the platform has to offer. Armed with a screen-independent philosophy, obé programs are available to play everywhere, from your favorite phone or tablet to your home TV via Apple TV, Roku, Fire TV or Chromecast.

Meanwhile, members have access to the courses more than 20 different types of class, each designed to suit virtually every style, mood, and skill level imaginable of its members. Its archive and course offering is extensive, including workouts in areas such as strength training, body sculpting, circuit, dance, HIIT (high intensity interval training), Pilates, yoga, barbell and bounce, as well as pre and postnatal classes.

Although obé courses are about 28 minutes each, members can design their own training schedule, with classes ranging from 10-minute express sessions to more intense 45- and 60-minute workouts Level Up.

obe is about people

While the workouts are on point and are designed to push members to their limits, the real secret sauce of obedient philosophy lies with the people. Their courses are led by instructors who can not only interact with students, but enjoy them.

Unlike many fitness platforms with a lot of courses, obé demonstrates its difference with an encouraging attitude, with nice fitness experts fostering a true sense of community and camaraderie, just like those exclusive and expensive boutique gyms.

In the welcoming obe environment, members are encouraged to interact with their coaches both on and off the platform. Users can even contact the instructors after class via Instagram and expect to receive a response. Meanwhile, obé also wants members to open these same lines of communication with each other, with the ability to create training parties or invite friends to try out courses from anywhere.

Obe members develop a culture fueled by this hypercomplicated community whose mission is to motivate and encourage each other through positive reinforcement. As verified member Vanessa RT states, “I’m sure the last time a free trial changed my life so intensely was when they invented Netflix.”

Start your virtual fitness classes obe now

The only thing that is not like the boutique gym is the price. Instead of spending hundreds of dollars a month, start an obedient subscription only $ 27 a month depending on the number of classes you want to attend. Plus, new members can save even more, receiving a 30% discount on your first month subscription when they sign up today.

Prices subject to change

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