Notable Labs is launched by acquiring rights to Volasertib


Thomas Bock, MD, CEO of Notable

What you should know:

– Leaving the stealth, Notable laboratories, a pioneer and developer of predictive precision drugs, is acquiring worldwide commercial and developmental rights for Volsertib, a PLK-1 inhibitor in Acute Myeloid Leukemia (AML) from Oncoheroes.

– Notable will leverage its high-fidelity predictive precision drug platform to identify and select patients who respond to Volsertib prior to treatment and accelerate the clinical development of Volsertib in this patient population.

– Notable’s patented platform was built from extensive experience in therapeutics, diagnostics, software, engineering, machine learning and automation. It rapidly determines the response profile of individual patients prior to their cancer treatment, allowing for selective enrollment of planned clinical respondents in clinical trials.

License agreement

Under the terms of the agreement, Notable will have exclusive rights to develop and market volsertib in leukemias, lymphomas and other indications of adult cancer. Oncoheroes will retain the license for the development and commercialization of volsertib in other pediatric indications. The financial terms of this agreement are not disclosed.

Precision predictive drugs

Remarkable represents a new way of developing therapies, with data and analysis behind it, and the company’s data is backed by a recent Stanford study showing 92% accuracy in predicting patient response. Traditional precision medicine uses biomarkers and genetic screening to enhance development success. It works, but in the overall picture, the failure has decreased only moderately: from 96.6% to 95%. The Notable platform was built from the team’s deep experience in therapeutics, diagnostics, software, engineering, machine learning and automation.

“Volasertib represents an exciting milestone in fulfilling Notable’s mission to deliver life-changing therapies precisely to those who will benefit, and leads the way in a new era of predictive precision medicine,” said Thomas Bock, MD , general manager of Notable. “We targeted and licensed Volsertib because of its compelling performance on our predictive precision medicine platform and as a major addition to our growing clinical portfolio. We plan to accelerate the development of Volsertib with Phase 2 clinical trials.” 3 in AML and other cancers, selectively enrolling patients who are expected to respond. “

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