Northern Ireland pens deal with First DataBank for the clinical decision tool


Health and Social Care Northern Ireland (HSCNI) has signed an agreement with First DataBank to provide a solution to support clinical decisions.

DataBank’s first Multilex solution will support HSCNI’s global initiative, which aims to introduce an integrated digital care record across Northern Ireland.

The solution provides assistance with clinical decisions and alerts at the time of prescription. It also supports evidence-based prescribing through essential controls to support physicians.

Gary Loughran, director of caps at HSCNI, said: “Improving patient safety and supporting our prescribing professionals in support of clinical decision making are key goals to encompass and I am delighted to work with FDB. [First DataBank] to deliver it to our people and to health professionals across Northern Ireland. “

The partnership between HSCNI and First DataBank is part of that of Northern Ireland £ 275 million deal with US firm Epic implement an electronic patient registry (EPR) nationwide. This covers acute care, mental health and social care services in the province, although primary care systems are not covered by the agreement.

Epic will provide integrated electronic records to the five Northern Ireland Health and Social Care Trusts plus the Ambulance Trust, which provides health and care services, and serves a population of 1.9 million people.

As part of the contract, Multilex will join to support the Epic electronic prescribing system and help reduce the risk of prescribing errors.

Darren Nichols, Managing Director of First DataBank, added: “We are delighted to work with HSCNI and Epic on this exciting project and are delighted to provide the clinical efficiency and safety benefits of Multilex patient in Northern Ireland.”

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