Nordic Consulting acquires S&P Consultants to expand the Cerner division


What you should know:

Nordic Consulting expands its Cerner footprint with the acquisition of the health IT consultancy, S&P Consultants.

Nordic consulting, a global health and technology consulting company acquired S&P Consultants, a healthcare computing consulting firm with a strong focus on Cerner services. As part of the acquisition, S&P will become a Nordic global company, alongside Bail, Health technology, i Tasman – Collectively help health leaders navigate the complexity and leverage technology to drive health care.

The acquisition expands the footprint and capabilities of Cerner de Nordic

The global EHR The consulting market is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 15% over the next five years, as healthcare providers increasingly seek to centralize operations to reduce costs and improve quality, and as remote care and telehealth continue to gain ground.

Nordic entered the Cerner market in July 2019, and the addition of S&P will allow Nordic to expand its market footprint and grow that base more quickly. opportunity for both companies to offer customers a wide range of advisory and technology services across the largest EHR platforms. In total, Nordic will serve about 600 customers of healthcare providers worldwide.

Background of S&P Consultants

Founded in 1996 by Andrew Splitz and the late Steve Pratt, S&P Consultants began as a lab company serving Cerner users, becoming an award-winning healthcare IT consultant working with hospitals. laboratories and networks of doctors. The S&P team of more than 90 IT veterans, physicians and revenue cycle specialists will team up with more than 1,600 Nordic professionals who combine in-depth clinical experience, extensive technical expertise, strategic vision and capability. proven to deliver transformative results for suppliers and the people around them. care.

Post-acquisition plans

S&P will continue to operate from its headquarters in Braintree, MA, serving its customers under the S&P brand with the same approach, consulting delivery model and culture to which they are accustomed.

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