NHS Scotland and Microsoft are developing a QR code contract tracking system


NHS Scotland has teamed up with Microsoft to develop a location and tracking system for businesses as Covid restrictions continue to be facilitated.

The association has seen the development of an application and a QR code function for contact tracking purposes.

The company can download a unique QR code that is then scanned by people visiting the site to take them to the government website where they can provide their contact details.

The app allows users to save their contact details to avoid filling out the form at every new site they visit.

Deryck Mitchelson, director of digital and security at NHS Scotland, said: “The Scottish Government requires the collection of contact information as part of its efforts to tackle the spread of Covid-19.

“However, many companies are not well equipped to handle the collection of this data, the security that needs to be established to manage it and look for it when the NHS Scotland needs to track someone down. Some used paper and pencil to record this. information, which is not ideal.

“The QR code solution is perfect and eliminates all the work of business owners. They register for the initiative and place the QR code poster in their workspace where customers can scan it. They don’t have to do anything else and they can focus on offering a great service. “

The QR code provides a faster and more reliable way to track your contract. Without a digital solution, tracking a Covid-19 patient can be a slow and unreliable manual process: NHS plotters call companies that the patient has visited and then have to find the contact details of that person, as well as the details of everyone else who was there that day. .

Using a QR code to digitally collect visitor details means you can easily track people who have potentially come in contact with the virus.

“We know that a delay in tracking contacts can help the spread of the virus. If it takes three days to get in touch with someone, they could have the virus and potentially spread it, ”Mitchelson added.

“If a patient has scanned a QR code, we can understand where he has been in a matter of minutes. The faster it is crawled and crawled, the faster the transmission chain can be broken. “

Contact information for QR codes goes directly to the NHS Scotland cloud-based data lake running on Microsoft Azure. This data is fully encrypted and only available to NHS Scotland contact plotters who have the appropriate digital key.

They must obtain approval to access the data and can only view the information they have requested. The system is fully auditable and shows what information was accessed and when. After a certain number of days, the data is automatically deleted.

Microsoft is the sole provider of the cloud platform and has no access to any of the data stored on the NHS Scotland platform.

Michael Wignall, Azure’s business leader at Microsoft UK, added: “NHS Scotland has created a QR code solution that can help you quickly identify locations a Covid-19 patient has visited.

“By using Microsoft Azure, NHS Scotland can be confident that the solution is hosted on a reliable, resilient and secure cloud platform that puts healthcare professionals in control of the data they collect. We are delighted to work with NHS Scotland in such a vital service to the public. “

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