News summary about Movers and Shakers


Our May issue of Movers and Shakers includes appointments to the Surrey and Borders Partnership NHS Foundation Trust and NHS England and Improvement.

Aasha cowey is to join the Surrey and Borders Partnership NHS Foundation Trust in the summer as a leader in its strategic transformation.

Cowey will leave his roles at NHS South, Central and West Support Commissioning Unit and HEE Digital Readiness Team.

Alison Jordon she began a new role as associate director of information at Warrington and Halton Hospitals NHS Trust in April 2021. She was previously the CIO for nursing professionals and allied health professionals.

NHS England and Improvement has appointed And Boden as interim national clinical director of urgent and emergency care.

Healx has appointed Andrew Watson as vice president of artificial intelligence.

In his new role, Watson will be tasked with scaling Healx’s AI team and strategy to develop the best drug discovery tools in its class and accelerate innovation in the field of drug-based treatment development. technology for rare diseases.

He joins technology giant Dyson, where he was the founding member of the machine learning research department.

Watson said: “I’m excited to join Healx as it continues to grow. I’ve always been fascinated by applying machine learning techniques and artificial intelligence to difficult problems and Healx is a great company for me to apply the skills I have learned in previous functions to help make a difference in patients with rare diseases.

“Healx scientists, researchers and engineers have developed an unprecedented drug discovery platform at Healnet, and I look forward to continuing as we continue to unlock the power of AI for rare diseases. I am sure that together we will be able to accelerate the development of new treatments and I can’t wait to start ”.

Tytocare, which provides AI-powered remote medical examination software, has designated Tamir Gotfried as commercial head.

Gotfried will lead TytoCare’s business organization, focused on revenue growth and accelerating the adoption of the company’s telehealth products and solutions.

Previously, he served as Director of Revenue at Bringg and held a position as General Manager and Director at Abbott Laboratories.

“I’m excited to join TytoCare, a telehealth company that transforms primary care by putting health in the hands of consumers,” Gotfried said.

“I’m looking forward to building on the company’s successes in recent years and continuing to seamlessly connect people with doctors while guiding volume, speed, value and revenue.”

The cybersecurity solution provider has designated Core to Cloud Phil Howe as head of technology.

Howe will oversee the advancement of several new technology initiatives, working closely with clients to ensure their needs are met, but more importantly, they stay one step ahead of cybercriminals. Prior to joining Core to Cloud, he was Deputy Director of Technology for the Bolton NHS Foundation Trust.

He said: “The Core to Cloud technology it has in its product stack is the best of its kind and is very innovative. I have worked with Core to Cloud for the past five years and was a client when I was CEO of the Bolton NHS Foundation Trust. In the trust, we had a small computer security team and I needed a partner who could work alongside my team, who really understood my needs, who I trusted, who would listen and come back with solid recommendations to help overcome some of the challenges that we had. of face.

“Core to Cloud was an integral part of our team and achieved the brand, providing innovative solutions that were really right for the purpose. They helped us build the security of the organization and I was so impressed with the culture and ethics of the company, not to mention its growth ambitions, that I decided this was the right place for me. next professional career and I am very excited about the opportunity. “

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