New Zealand promotes cannabis research


Medical cannabis reform is spreading around the world and for some years now some areas have better medical cannabis laws than others.

In late 2017, the New Zealand government announced that it would allow it doctor cannabis in some cases after the elaboration of the rules.

Unfortunately for most patients who suffer, New Zealand law has proven to be very limited and took a long time to start.

New Zealand’s current medical cannabis law came into force in April 2020 New Zealand Ministry of Health, “Medicinal cannabis products are only available to patients with a prescription.”

Fortunately for the future of the country’s cannabis policy, New Zealand recently announced additional funding for cannabis research.

Add to current funding

New Zealand Agriculture Minister Damien O’Connor recently announced that the Sustainable Foods and Fiber Futures Fund is contributing $ 760,000 to a $ 1.9 million three-year medical cannabis research program existing led by Greenlab.

The goal of the research project is to “establish evidence-based medical cannabis.” cultivation practices. ‘

“This investment will enable Greenlab researchers to conduct rigorous testing and laboratory testing at its leased facilities at Lincoln University to ensure a consistently effective, high-quality pharmaceutical product.” said Agriculture Minister Damien O’Connor Herald of New Zealand.

As noted by the Minister of Agriculture, so far almost all of New Zealand’s supply of medicinal cannabis has been imported from other countries.

The research project aims to increase domestic production to the point where New Zealand can start exporting medicinal cannabis products to other countries.

Total legalization is better

If New Zealand is really needed legislators and regulators three years to gather research before drastically expanding the country’s unacceptable medical cannabis program.

More research on cannabis is always a good thing, however, there is already enough research to conclude with certainty that cannabis is a drug and that widespread secure access is guaranteed.

There is no valid reason to prevent the comprehensive reform of medical cannabis from taking place as soon as possible in New Zealand.

The best approach to cannabis policy in New Zealand is full legalization, even for patients. Only then will everyone have access to the medicines they need and there will be no lists of qualifying conditions that will always leave some patients outside looking inwards.

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