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New content helps you rank better in Google organic search results.

Here’s the statement – you’ve probably heard it a couple of times in SEO.

But is it true, false or “dependent”?

Keep reading as we dive into the idea of ​​the freshness of content as a ranking factor.

The claim: fresh content as a ranking factor

New or fresh content from your website helps you rank better because … science?

First, let’s think about freshness. A dictionary definition defines it as “the state in which it has been made or obtained recently or has not deteriorated.”

Well, then you have to think about how we are defining “recently” here, as this will vary depending on the topic. Or the industry. Or the niche. Or some other factor.

Think about it, what’s new in this article?

Are you reading it the day it was published? A week later? A year later?

Is it still “cool”?

Other questions we could reflect on and discuss about freshness:

  • Can only new content be considered fresh?
  • Does freshness only affect trending topics (news / events)?
  • Updating existing content (also known as old) will make it “fresh?”
  • User search behavior determines whether a query is “fresh” or “old?”

Okay, okay, that’s a lot. Where do we go with all this?

The thing is, there are a lot of misconceptions about what fresh content is …

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