New and remarkable: what I read this week: edition 161


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Omicron outperforms Delta in hosts with a pre-COVID immune history.

Location of a forest outside a prison improves mental health and behavior inside the prison, even though the prisoners cannot see the forest.

Lower blood insulin levels, less likely to contract COVID.

What do you think about aging may affect your age.

A gene that reduces sugar absorption.

New Primal Kitchen podcasts

Primary Health Coach Institute: Laura Rupsis.

Media, Schmedia

Short sellers point to Beyond Meat.


Interesting blog posts

Sounds like this boy returned to a state of childish commitment.

How cats move.

Social Notes

Do you remember solve for more?

New exercise just dropped.

Anything else

Young women are eat too little meat and dairy.

Joe Rogan va meat + fruit.

Things I’m doing that interest me

Essential: Physical activity makes your brain more resistant to degeneration.

Imagine what it does to unhealthy adults: Exposure to night light impairs circadian rhythm and energy metabolism in healthy adults.

Are you next ?: The matrix for cows.

Interesting potential: Insufflated supplementation.

That does not surprise me: Common pesticide found in children’s cerebrospinal fluid.

Question I’m doing

Would you eat Matrix-fed beef?

Recipe corner

Time capsule

One year ago (January 8-14)

Comment of the week

“” Did their hearts skip a beat when they saw a human skull, mouth open, lifted off the ground by a supernatural force, and a soldier in a pink stalagmite? “

As for horror and prehistory … I know mine would! “

-Indeed, Paleoprogressive.

Primal Kitchen May

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