New and remarkable: what I read this week: edition 153


Search of the week

Both breastfeeding and waiting until a child is 6 months old to introduce gluten can reduce the risk of type 1 diabetes.

Interactions between taurine and strength training.

Doing a 4 second sprint every hour it can compensate for some of the negative effects of sitting.

Links between bipolar disorder and the creative professions.

In children with magnesium and vitamin D deficiency with ADHD, Magnesium and vitamin D supplementation improves symptoms.

New Primal Kitchen podcasts

Episode 5: Yovana, vegan turned omnivorous: Morgan talks to Yovana about Internet fame, fertility, cyberbullying, and the way out of veganism.

Media, Schmedia

Choose your neighborhood wisely.

The hominids have been burying their dead for many many years.

Interesting blog posts

About the Bushmen and all those mongongos.

Is this the end of the amyloid plaque hypothesis of Alzheimer’s?

What happens to dogs if humans became extinct?

Social Notes

Very funny.

My approach to stress.

Anything else

Life finds a way.

Lack of synthetic fertilizer.

Scientists use a Thread of Bull Sitting by confirm identity of his great-grandson.

Things I’m doing and I’m interested in

This will be good: Dr. Malcolm Kendrick’s book on heart disease, The clot thickens, is out.

Another “paradox” for books: The centenary that lives on coagulated cream.

Potatoes for peace: The introduction of the potato into the Old World reduced the conflict.

Interesting article: Your brain is not a computer.

It’s not a phrase you want to hear: “Decreasing immunity. ”

Question I’m doing

Have you sprinted lately?

Recipe corner

Time capsule

One year ago (October 30 to November 5)

Comment of the week

“The metaverse doesn’t exist yet; it sells long before anything works.

and once built, virtual reality works with two of the five senses. Touch, smell, taste, they are not even on the roadmap. It is a video game with glasses. I’m disappointed.

In other news, I had a delicious hawthorn steak last night, from an animal I shot in early October. The metavers might show me the shot perhaps: not the blisters that distracted me as I pointed, nor the smell of the leaves, nor the delicious meat afterwards …

-I agree with you.

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