New and remarkable: what I read this week: 160th edition


Search of the week

Restrict carbs increases Improvements induced by weight loss in the control of glucose and liver fat in type 2 diabetics.

Researchers use CRISPR for make mice more metabolically inefficient and burn more fat.

You can do push-ups and squats all day long make your brain work better.

Butter oil and weight gain.

Vitamin D in honey.

Whole eggs are more effective that egg whites for fat loss and muscle gain in resistance training.

Fight the replication crisis.

New Primal Kitchen podcasts

Episode 13: Take a bigger portion of life with Blaze Pizza

Primary Health Coach Institute: Yours faithfully.

Media, Schmedia


Tickable TV screen that you can taste.

Interesting blog posts

Terror and prehistory.

Think of lard (or seu).

How to fix a sore throat.

Social Notes

Awesome thread of inspiration.

He basic be more important in crazy times.

Anything else

What is the best rice in the world?

He situation at a New York high school.

Attention stolen.

Art Deco it was much bigger than I thought.

Things I’m doing that interest me

Important: “circular food systems” that include pork, beef and lamb much more sustainable and produce fewer emissions than poultry-rich food systems prescribed by EAT-Lancet.

Big name: Chef Sioux.

Great vision: When is a field of science a field?

Here we come: US News publishes its best (and worst) diets.

That does not surprise me: Keto resented it again. It is becoming a badge of honor.

Question I’m doing

I’m sick of writing about the US News Diet report every year. Nina covers it very well here. Do you agree with her?

Recipe corner

Time capsule

One year ago (January 1-7)

Comment of the week

“‘More contact with nature, less loneliness.’

Where is the link? ? ”

-I forgot the link, but do it you really do you need one


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