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SAMGO1 LLC CEO Julia Samaniego states that healthcare workers need to be aware of the N95 mask effectiveness against COVID-19. states that 100,000 plus healthcare workers (including EMTs) have become infected and 1,000 have died (5% of the virus gets through the mask). 
A new study published today in Lancet Public Health has found that front-line healthcare workers with adequate personal protective equipment (PPE) have a three-fold increased risk of a positive SARS-CoV-2 test, compared to the general population. 
Professor Sebastien Ourselin, senior author from King’s College London said: “The findings of our study have a tremendous impact on healthcare workers and hospitals. The data is clear in revealing that there is still an elevated risk of SARS-CoV-2 infection despite the availability of PPE (surgical and N95 masks).

Improved face masks are needed to fight pandemics. We are fighting the year 2020 war with early 1900-year-old (PPE) Personal Protective Equipment. Our country is stuck on using unimproved face masks. Healthcare Workers Covid-19 illnesses and deaths cannot be disputed. Medical/Hospital entities will not consider using new improved face mask technology until our Government acknowledges the existence of improved face masks.

The RS1 Respirator Mask efficiency is 99.999% down to 0.027 microns.  4 times easier to breathe through, user-friendly seal check, costs less, reusable, USA material, effective in rain conditions, superior airtight seal, Nelson Laboratory tested, and equivalent filters are used on hospital ventilators protecting against COVID-19.  The RS1 Respirator Mask quarantines bacteria and viruses in the enclosed filter housing.

Purchasing one RS1 Respirator Mask is equivalent to purchasing 279 N95 Masks. Based on N95 maximum usage of 8 hours and RS1 Respirator Mask maximum usage of 2,232 hours, if you ordered 10,000 RS1 Particle Masks it would be equivalent to purchasing 2,790,000 N95 masks!!!

Associations of American Physician and Surgeons, (AAPS) have used our product and Executive Director Dr. Jane Orient is promoting the RS1 Respirator Mask. She wore one on her flight to a meeting last month and Southwest Airlines hassled her about it until she educated them about how it is actually a superior mask. The gate agent was concerned about “the hole at the bottom” not realizing there is a very efficient filter covering the hole. Dr. Orient purchased a box of them and we’ve been trying to educate others. For instance, she spoke to a group of Arizona sheriffs recently and showed off the RS1 Mask.

In 26 years the N95 mask has not been improved (big business, why change at the expense of healthcare workers).
Would you walk into a COVID-19 environment wearing a face mask that helps protect you 95% against the virus?
Or would you walk into a COVID-19 environment wearing a face mask that helps protect you 99.999% against the virus?
Healthcare Workers are wearing N95 masks only protecting 95% against COVID-19!

The RS1 Respirator Mask minimal dead space and filter airflow quickly remove carbon dioxide from the mask with each exhaled breath taken. Example: Try blowing through an N95 mask or surgical mask, you cannot blow out a burning flame. A substantial amount of carbon dioxide stays which is then inhaled. Try blowing through an RS1 mask, you can easily blow out a burning flame. The filter does not resist carbon dioxide airflow it only captures bacteria and virus particles using an electrostatic process! 

While we need to better understand the level of protection required, what is clear is that if we had better masks than current cloth and homemade ones, the transmission could be substantially and quickly curbed. The problem is N95s are uncomfortable to wear for long periods of time, and both surgical and N95 masks remain in short supply even for health workers, making neither an option for the general population.
We need masks for the general population that blocks the virus from coming in and going out similar to what high-filtration surgical or N95 masks do for health workers. Masks like this would give people control over their own safety, a greater incentive to wear them, and the confidence to resume economically important activities.
If worn widely enough in crowded and indoor settings where most transmission seems to occur, these masks could potentially stop the epidemic altogether.

Understanding how traditional filter fabric material masks including N95 respirators work. When you breathe in you are pulling in any available virus and bacteria onto the mask holding (quarantine) trapping all microorganisms on the mask. If you touch the mask or the mask becomes wet (moisture) from breathing or bodily fluids you may contaminate yourself! You have to use a plastic bag and tie it up before you can dispose of all filter fabric masks. Understanding how the RS1 Particle Mask works. When you breathe in you are pulling in any available virus and bacteria into the plastic protected filter housing quarantining all microorganisms. The Electrostatic media filter is made of permanently charged Hydrophobic fibers that help enhance viral and bacterial particle capture efficiency and give low and stable breathing resistance even when wet.

Disposable fabric masks are not practical during a pandemic. You could never produce enough fabric masks because they are being disposed of faster than they can be made. Shelf life stockpile expired fabric mask issues. Risk of self-contamination due to exposed filters.


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