Networks of cloud-based medical devices – why is it so good?


Editor’s note: It allows the collection and analysis and fast and secure transmission of data related to healthcare, cloud connectivity is changing the healthcare sector. In the article, Alena shows what the benefits of cloud networking are for healthcare providers to opt for cloud technology and how it makes medical devices really smart. And if you want to take advantage of the opportunities that cloud connectivity opens up for your medical devices, we invite you to consider the ScienceSoft offering at medical device software development.

With the healthcare cloud computing market coming up $ 35 billion in 2022, cloud connectivity is becoming a recognized trend in the healthcare industry. Thus, when ScienceSoft customers who manufacture medical devices oscillate between a local connectivity option and a cloud connectivity option, I typically recommend opting for the cloud-based approach so as not to miss out on the benefits of this trend. Below, I will outline the key cloud-based networking features that will increase the competitiveness of your medical devices in the marketplace.

Cloud connectivity allows a constant flow of patient data collected by medical devices to an healthcare provider’s internal healthcare applications, such as EHR, HIS (hospital information system), and LIS (laboratory information system). ). And all data can be accessed through patient / hospital mobile / web applications. It is especially convenient for care providers with many facilities (hospitals, clinics, laboratories, etc.), as all the information collected by the medical devices connected to the cloud is stored in one place and is accessible from any place and at any time, which adds to the speed and efficiency in the management of medical data. In addition, the cloud-based connection between medical devices and internal healthcare systems creates excellent opportunities for remote patient control using wireless or wireless medical devices. portable biosensor technology.

The cloud-based network of medical devices enables predictive maintenance of medical devices, which helps you provide maintenance services for medical devices purchased by your customers (hospitals, clinics, room facilities, and other healthcare organizations). .

Using a mobile or web application connected to the cloud, you can monitor the technical status of all connected medical devices based on incoming technical data, regardless of location. And with the help of machine learning technology, the system predicts the malfunction of the medical device, for example, electrical and overheating problems. It allows you to organize a custom maintenance schedule and helps prevent unforeseen breakdowns and malfunctions of medical devices.

Expand the capabilities of medical devices with ScienceSoft cloud connectivity

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“No way!” – This is what I feel from some of our customers when I say that the network of cloud-based medical devices does not harm the security of patient data. The fact is that cloud providers (for example, cloud platforms such as AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform (GCP)) are largely responsible for the security of stored data, as they must comply with regulations. HIPAA for PHI store.

But no supplier can guarantee 100% security. That’s why I always recommend medical device manufacturers to integrate security aspects into every step of medical device software development. For example, you should ensure anonymity and data encryption at the development stage and periodic vulnerability assessment and penetration testing, and continuous monitoring of the network after launch.

Organizing medical device connectivity with the help of cloud technology requires experience with cloud platforms (e.g., AWS, Microsoft Azure, and GCP), skills to create secure IoMT architectures, and more. If you think you need help securing reliable cloud connectivity for your medical devices, you can reach out to the ScienceSoft healthcare IT team.

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