NCODA & XIFIN Launch Initiative to Expand Oncology Patient Care Options


NCODA & XIFIN Launch Initiative to Expand Oncology Patient Care Options

What You Should Know:

XIFIN has partnered with NCODA, Inc., a globally recognized association that develops unique resources to help medically integrated oncology teams deliver top-tier care. This new strategic partnership “NCODA Informatics Initiative Powered by VisualStrata” provides the use of VisualStrata as part of the NCODA membership.

– As oncology groups work to find and secure clinical trials – thereby expanding patient care options within their practice – purpose-built solutions are needed to enhance the data from their existing electronic health record (EHR) or practice management system (PMS). The partnership will enable NCODA members to integrate and curate siloed patient-centric data from disparate systems into a single unified view for their practice. Enterprise healthcare informatics solutions have previously been financially out of reach for many oncology practices.

– This initiative provides economies of scale and will help bridge the gap between oncology practices, genomic testing providers, and pharmaceutical stakeholders via a common cause, expanding patient options via clinical trial participation.

VisualStrata Platform

VisualStrata collates structured and unstructured data into a single unified view that includes EHR data, multi-specialty diagnostic results, therapy data, and most importantly, genomic data and social determinants of health (SDOH). The VisualStrata platform gives oncology professionals the power of advanced real-world data analytics. Longitudinal patient journeys, treatment paths, and patient and cohort centric insights are crucial to increasing clinical trial participation, reducing administrative burden, and improving the financial health of oncology practices.

Oncology groups using VisualStrata decrease their labor costs associated with clinical trial feasibility assessments and significantly reduce the turnaround time for retrospective reviews that help determine the practice-level fit and patient volumes. At the same time, practices will be reaping the benefits of a common repository of oncology patient data that can be used to support cancer research initiatives and clinical trial participation.

The VisualStrata platform also features stringent security measures and controls to keep data safe and accessible to authorized parties. Through continuous monitoring, XIFIN will alert, respond, and remediate threats to data security in near-real-time. VisualStrata was launched and adopted by Utah Cancer Specialists, the largest community-based oncology and hematology practice in Utah, in 2019 to help enhance patient care and fill gaps in both outcomes and care across the industry.

. “Having learned much about VisualStrata from the progress made at one of our member practices, Utah Cancer Specialists, we felt this initiative aligned with our Mission and we decided to introduce the program to our over 800 member practices,” said Michael Reff, RPh, MBA, Founder and Executive Director of NCODA. “This unique partnership and program, complimentary to our members, will support researchers ‘and clinicians’ efforts, enabling access to the right information, for the right patient, at the right time. This supports our Vision of making sure every cancer patient receives the maximum benefit from their treatment. ”

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