Natural eyelash growth serum recipe


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Long lashes are a classic female trait and many women have put a lot of effort (making puns) into getting longer lashes. Unfortunately, many treatments such as eyelash extensions and growth serums can cause allergic reactions, infections, or other problems.

Don’t be afraid, there is a natural way to encourage eyelash growth … all you need is a little castor oil.

Get longer lashes naturally

Of course, there is a genetic aspect to long lashes, but that doesn’t mean those who aren’t lucky at all can’t increase the length of their lashes. I have a cousin who naturally has very long dark lashes that look like extensions.

My lashes are decently long, but definitely not that dramatic. I’ve been experimenting with natural ways to increase the length and thickness of lashes.

There seems to be a connection between nutrition and hair health, so if a person does not have enough fat-soluble vitamins, B vitamins, vitamin C, and collagen.

Excessive use of eye products, especially long-lasting masks or false eyelashes, can weaken the lashes or cause eyelash loss.

Natural eyelash extensions?

After posting my homemade mascara, many people wondered if there was a natural way to make eyelash extensions or fiber eyelash mascara. I have yet to find a natural version of false eyelashes, as most glues contain formaldehyde. Most fiber eyelash products also contain questionable ingredients.

What I did find, though, was a natural way to make lashes look as long as fake lashes using only natural ingredients.

This natural eyelash growth serum uses:

  • castor oil– Natural source of omega-6 fats, proteins and vitamins that helps promote dramatic hair growth
  • Emu oil– “Highly anti-inflammatory, moisturizing, anti-wrinkle, penetrating, transdermal transporter, promotes skin regeneration, non-comedogenic (does not clog pores), nourishing, anti-aging and bacterial.” (font)
  • Coconut oil
  • Vitamin E oil. (optional)

Castor oil alone would give remarkable results as it has been very helpful in lengthening and thickening the hair, but the addition of emu oil, coconut oil and vitamin E give this serum a wide range of fatty acids and nutrients to help accelerate eyelash growth. .

TIP: Christa from All the trip recommends adding 1 drop of lavender essential oil to mascara to speed up eyelash growth. I haven’t tried it yet, but it could be added to this serum for an added benefit. (Just be careful and do your own research when using essential oils!)


Eyelash growth serum recipe

Help accelerate eyelash growth with serum made from natural ingredients.


  • Combine all ingredients in a small bottle and turn gently to combine.

  • To use it, press a drop on your finger or a cotton swab and massage gently to the lash line. I prefer to do it at night to let it run all night before washing my face in the morning.

  • Use it daily for best results.


Store in an airtight container for up to a year.

ADVICE: Also use it on the eyebrows to help reduce the eyebrows. This will last up to a year as long as it is kept in an airtight container. Be careful not to add water, aloe or other spoiled liquid ingredients.

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