Myanmar orders 2 million to stay home as COVID-19 cases increase


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Myanmar authorities imposed measures to stay at home in the country’s second city on Friday as cases of coronavirus in the hit country, with many health workers on strike to protest the board.

Residents of Mandalay, as well as two municipalities in the southern Bago region, woke up with new restrictions banning more than one person from leaving home for non-medical reasons.

No deadline was given for the new rules, announced by the Ministry of Health and Sports of the State Board of Directors, as the Board calls itself.

Those traveling to government jobs are exempt.

According to a 2014 census, the affected areas are home to more than two million people and join cities in eastern West China, near the Indian border, which have been closed since May.

Authorities reported more than 1,500 new cases on Thursday, up from 100 a day in early June.

Myanmar’s crunchy health system had struggled to respond to COVID-19 even before the February coup that ousted Aung San Suu Kyi.

Areas of the country were partially closed last year, although enforcement was often lax in the developing nation, where many face a clear choice between following regulations and feeding their families.

Since the coup, thousands of doctors, volunteers and they have joined a massive civil disobedience campaign to protest the military regime.

Myanmar has reported 3,347 virus-related deaths, although actual numbers are likely to be higher.

A shipment of 1.5 million vaccines arrived from India earlier this year.

On Thursday, state media reported that board leader Min Aung Hlaing had agreed to buy two million vaccines in Russia, without specifying which shot.

A health ministry spokeswoman said last week that authorities were also negotiating with China to buy more vaccines.

Myanmar has been in turmoil since the February coup, with more than 880 civilians killed in a crackdown and nearly 6,500 detained, according to a local surveillance group.

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