MUSC deploys Notable’s smart automation platform to transform the patient experience


What you should know:

South Carolina’s only comprehensive academic center in health sciences deploys Notable’s smart automation platform to expand access to equitable, high-quality care.

Remarkable, the leading smart health automation company, today announced an innovation partnership with Medical University of South Carolina (MUSC Health) to create a digital experience for patients throughout their care journey. MUSC Health will leverage the Notable platform to drive a digital gateway for each patient’s interaction, automating scheduling, registration, clinical admission workflows, and more.

Transform the patient experience through intelligent automation

In collaboration with Notable, MUSC Health will unify and simplify the multitude of contact points along the patient’s journey. Using smart automation: the combination of artificial intelligence (AI) and Robotic Process Automation (RPA): MUSC Health can eliminate frustrating experiences for patients and providers, such as filling out paper forms, phone calls, and voice messages. MUSC Health’s goals for implementing the Notable platform include enabling patients to access quality care without having to wait in the waiting room or the waiting room, filling out paper forms, or completing information that has already been shared. a previous meeting.

As part of the collaboration of MUSC Health and Notable, the two entities will identify new opportunities for smart automation. For example, MUSC Health can use the Notable flow library to quickly create, test, and deploy automation and engagement strategies that drive results from MUSC patients, providers, staff, and community members.

Saving care team members more than 700 hours of administrative work annually

Using a combination of TO THE and RPA, Notable deploys bots or ‘digital assistants’ that perform tasks on the Electronic Health Record (EHR) just as a human would do, such as registering a note, sending an order, or sending an invoice to a patient. Automating these manual tasks with Notable can save members of the MUSC healthcare team more than 700 hours of administrative work a year, allowing them to reallocate that time to provide personalized and personalized service. high contact to each patient. As a result, Notable has an average of 97% patient satisfaction across demographic groups. Patients over 65 years of age and patients with visual or other disabilities report similar levels of satisfaction and ease of use.

“From the outset it was clear that MUSC Health recognizes the power of smart automation to digitize and customize every patient-provider interaction,” said Pranay Kapadia, CEO and co-founder of Notable. “MUSC Health’s leadership shares our view that healthcare should be accessible to all patients, and scheduling an appointment or paying a bill should be easy and intuitive, rather than confusing and complicated. We couldn’t. to be more proud to partner with MUSC Health to advance its mission to change what is possible in healthcare. “

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