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As the world connects more digitally, more sectors are opening up to the idea of ​​using technology to consolidate fragmented information.

Some examples are the first e-commerce markets that connect merchants with customers. BloodGo relating blood donors to blood banks, and Muru-ku which consolidates the home ecosystem data for stakeholders.

Now, this technology has been taken to the sphere of volunteering with the launch of the My volunteer application for the Malaysian Red Crescent Society (MRCS).

In short, its goal is to be a unique platform for Malaysians to register as volunteers and be able to adapt to the needs of NGOs, corporations and any other event across the country.

But since volunteering has been a millennial practice, this raises the question of, why launch an application just now?

An act of growing kindness

In March, MRCS and the Ministry of Youth and Sports launched the Malaysian vaccine support volunteers initiative (MyVAC) in collaboration with other ministries.

This initiative was started to bring together Malaysians to help control COVID-19 and MRCS reported that it had gathered more than 320,000 volunteers to support the vaccination campaign.

Thus, the organization considered it appropriate to launch MySukarela to take advantage of this growing trend of volunteering not only during the pandemic, but beyond.

Haji Hakim bin Hj. Hamzah, MRCS general secretary, told Vulcan Post: “Demand for volunteers has always been high and we thought there would be no better way to create this MySukarela platform for both volunteers and organizations.”

“The creation of the platform is part of MRCS ‘ongoing efforts to continue the steady pace of volunteerism among Malays.”

How it works

Registration was relatively straightforward, and once I entered, I was able to immediately check out the volunteer events available around me.

Since I also shared all the necessary data when registering, this meant that I did not have to enter my data again for each event in which I want to volunteer. Once I had selected my favorite dates based on the length of the event, I could only click “confirm” and share my details with the organizers.

If you’re an active volunteer, I’m sure I can see how this app optimizes communication between volunteers and event organizers.

At the same time, each event list clearly shows what the event wants to do, who the organizer is, the address of the event, and the details of volunteering, such as available seats, the number of volunteers needed, what incentives are there and the hours required. per day.

How is the application currently

Please note that some events will require professionals such as doctors to volunteer, and for more specialized tasks, incentives will be revealed when your application is confirmed.

In addition, the app can filter events based on your location, but as it just launched, there are only about 11 events I can browse and all are in the Klang Valley.

All existing events are also organized by the MRCS itself, but Haji Hakim clarified that MySukarela will work with more organizations for various initiatives.

Some names include the Malaysia Humanitarian Coordination & Action Hub (MATCH) Foundation, Yayasan Hasanah, Jabatan Kebajikan Malaysia and NGOs such as Mercy Malaysia, IMARET, MRA and more.

Support for volunteers and organizers

As mentioned above, not all events will require general volunteers; some may need more specialized people.

To this end, MRCS has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with AirAsia Academy provide volunteers with access to training and skills development prior to their deployment in any humanitarian mission. This may include improving and retraining volunteers and organizers for their events.

The MOU is signed by MRCS and AirAsia / Image Credit: MRCS

It is a good value-added feature for the application, which is still in a very rudimentary development phase. Despite this, it is able to run smoothly and has a clean user interface.

Over time, users can browse more event listings not just in Klang Valley. Once MySukarela has gained more traction among users and event organizers as well, it would be nice to see more filtering options, such as the skill level required by a volunteer, events from a specific organization, and more.

However, it is a good start to further encourage volunteering in Malaysia by making communication easier and faster.

If MyVAC was able to gather 320,000 volunteers without this app, we should see a jump in that number for larger, national initiatives in the future with the help of MySukarela.

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Featured Image Credit: Malaysia Red Crescent Society

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