Microsoft Teams and other 365 services are falling worldwide


Microsoft computers and other Microsoft services have fallen globally, the IT giant has confirmed.

The problem was first reported in Europe and Asia, but was soon confirmed to affect global customers.

“We have confirmed that this problem affects users worldwide. We are reviewing control telemetry and recent changes to isolate the source of the problem. More information can be found at TM252802 at the administration center, ”the technology company said on Twitter.

Microsoft Teams is used by many NHS organizations. In March 2020, when the success of the Covid-19 pandemic came, NHS Digital launched Microsoft Teams across the NHS to support remote work.

Between March 16 and 20, all NHSmail users in England and Scotland had access to Teams, Microsoft’s workplace collaboration platform that is part of the Office365 suite.

The launch of the software was accelerated to help NHS teams better communicate and collaborate around their responses to Covid-19 and counteract the major risks associated with the virus.

By October 2020, more than 65 million messages had already been sent through the platform since it was launched.

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