Mexico enters third wave of coronavirus and infections increase 29%


A health worker administers a bite of the AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine during a vaccination test for people aged 30 to 39 in Mexico City on Wednesday, July 7, 2021. Credit: AP Photo / Marco Ugarte

Mexico is entering its third wave of coronavirus pandemic, as infections increased 29% compared to the previous week.

But the country The department said Friday that the growth comes largely from infections among young people, less so . Case figures are now as high as the start of the last rise in September; this wave peaked in January and steadily declined until June.

But currently only 22% of the country’s hospital beds are occupied; hospital beds in many parts of the country were essentially filled during the last wave.

Authorities said the relative decline in serious cases among the elderly is the result of the country’s vaccination campaign, which as of Friday has given at least one dose to about 39 percent of all adults.

The Deputy Secretary of Health, Hugo López-Gatell, said that the increase in infections is not due to the arrival of the Delta variant, but to the increase in public activity.

Mexico City health officials said they expect the third wave to peak in August in the capital, which has been hardest hit by COVID-19 in the previous two waves.

Mexico has suffered nearly 235,000 confirmed deaths from evidence, but as the country does little evidence, the government’s own figures on excess deaths suggest that the true toll is around 360,000 deaths.

Mexico reports an increase in COVID cases

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