Merkel with Biden: “very close friends”


Washington (dpa) – After considerable German-American turmoil in recent years, US President Joe Biden and Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) have made a clear commitment to the transatlantic partnership. “Not only are we allies and partners, but we are very intimate,” Merkel said in Washington on Thursday after an extensive conversation with Biden. The latter portrayed cooperation as the only option and thanked Merkel for her “strong leadership” in her upcoming term. “I know the partnership between Germany and the United States will be consolidated on the basis that you helped build,” Biden continued. In a “Washington Declaration,” both sides reaffirmed their commitment to “close bilateral cooperation in promotion.” peace, security and prosperity around the world. ”
Biden announced that he expected to comment on entry restrictions related to the pandemic for people from Germany and other European Schengen states in the coming days. Merkel had raised the issue, he said. It is currently being debated how travel restrictions could be lifted soon, Biden said, adding that he would be able to answer the question in a few days. “I’m waiting to hear from our people on our Covid team when this happens.” Prior to Merkel’s return trip to Berlin, a dinner hosted by U.S. President and First Lady Jill Biden in honor of the Chancellor was the order of the day. Joachim Sauer, Merkel’s husband, also attended. Biden wrote on Twitter Thursday evening: “It was an honor to receive my dear friend, Chancellor Merkel, at the White House.”

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