MEDITECH and Google Health Partner to Embed Search & Summarization in Expanse EHR


What You Should Know:

Today at HIMSS22, MEDITECH announced a new collaboration with Google Health that will embed Google’s search and summarization capabilities within the Expand EHR.

– This functionality builds upon the integrated, longitudinal record inherent in Expanse by pulling forward discrete information from legacy and disparate systems and filling gaps in information for a more holistic view of a patient’s record.

Rich Longitudinal Health Record to Enable Care Teams to Find Information Faster

Clinicians need access to a full view of patient information in order to provide the best possible care. But even with an integrated EHR like Expanse, some patient information will still reside in outside systems and sources. MEDITECH and Google Health are confident that their combined effort will fill these gaps by pulling forward discrete information from legacy and disparate systems. The result is a more holistic, person-centered view of health encounters to drive more informed care delivery.

MEDITECH will use Google Health’s tools to create a longitudinal health data layer, which unites data from different sources and harmonizes it into a standard FHIR format designed specifically for clinician tools. Integrated and medically-tuned search capabilities provide clinicians with a more frictionless experience by pulling forward the most salient clinical information to support their decisions, contributing to better patient outcomes. Google Health’s intelligent summarization extracts information from different parts of the patient’s record to produce a summary of a patient’s health conditions. Clinicians can then explore a deep-dive view of critical information related to treating and monitoring said conditions, including lab results, vitals and medications.

HIPAA Privacy Controls

Keeping data private and secure is foundational to this partnership. Healthcare organizations and their patients maintain ownership of their data and control access through business associated relationships. MEDITECH Expanse and Google Health’s clinical tools are designed to adhere to industry best practices and regulations, including HIPAA, and will not use patient data for advertising.


MEDITECH and Google Health’s integrated solution will start in an early pilot phase, and we look forward to sharing our vision and engaging the market in these discussions as we plan for the next generation of Health IT. The collaboration builds on a deep partnership between MEDITECH and Google Cloud to deliver progressive EHR solutions via cloud architecture.

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