MediQuant DataArk Awarded Project to Archive All Military Health Records


MediQuant® DataArk Awarded Project to Archive All Military Health Records

What You Should Know:

MediQuant®, a provider of enterprise active archiving and conversion solutions, has been selected by the US Defense Health Agency (DHA) to help consolidate all clinical data across the Military Health System as it transitions to a new enterprise electronic health records (EHR) platform by 2024.

– The contract to deploy MediQuant’s DataArk solution for the DHA “Genesis” rollout was secured by ECS, a leading provider of science, engineering, and advanced technology solutions.

Contract Details

MediQuant’s DataArk archiving system was selected after four years of bidding and testing and a successful six-month pilot. The system includes joint medical services to the Army, Navy and Air Force with 9.5 million beneficiaries, 150,000 staff members, 1,300 locations worldwide and 723 Military Treatment Facilities. ECS / MediQuant won the bid to serve as the only legacy archiving vendor from among 80 competitors across healthcare data archivers, major technology and SaaS companies, and large defense contractors.

Since the beginning of the DHA pilot project, MediQuant has increased its staff by 40%, building a dedicated team for government and reinforcing resources for commercial businesses.

MediQuant cleans and matches data before either migrating multiple retired electronic medical records (EMRs) to its DataArk® system, linking historical patient records to the active EHR, or converting legacy data into retired EMRs to a health system’s enterprise MPI. MediQuant connects patients at the point of care, which dramatically improves the depth of information clinicians have to care for patients.

“MediQuant is 100% focused on helping all healthcare organizations – whether it’s for the DHA, large health systems, critical care access hospitals or physician practice groups – to safely and securely transition systems and preserve longitudinal views of patient records through archiving legacy data,” said Dave Lamar, Chief Growth Officer. “In fact, the pilot program allowed us to expand talent and resources that improved our productivity and service offerings everywhere.”

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