Marathon session at the Bundestag


Berlin (dpa): The Bundestag only ended the session after more than 5pm at 2.30am on Friday. Thus, it was 18 minutes longer than the longest session of this legislative period until June 2019. The most important resolutions are as follows:

– The new law on climate change provides for stricter regulations: it includes, for example, the new national target of becoming neutral greenhouse gases by 2045, ie only emitting as many greenhouse gases as can be recovered.

– Cities and municipalities with more than 50,000 inhabitants must draw up a rental index in the future. This is intended to better protect tenants from excessive rent increases.

– The flags of the radical Palestinian Islamic organization Hamas, as well as the so-called enemy lists with names and details of political opponents, will be banned in Germany.

– In addition, incitement to insults against Jews and Muslims, as well as against homosexuals and people with disabilities, will be punished more severely.

– In addition, the distribution and possession of instructions for child sexual abuse has become a criminal offense. Anyone who downloads these texts from the Internet or closed chat groups should expect a prison sentence of up to two years and up to three years for distribution.

– To protect insects, the use of pesticides in agriculture should be further restricted.

– In the case of the most serious crimes, such as murder, genocide or war crimes, the suspects can be tried a second time if new evidence appears.

– Internet trafficking in weapons, drugs and child pornography must be punished more consistently. Operators of criminal trading platforms will face up to ten years in prison.

– The Bundeswehr will remain stationed in Kosovo and off the Lebanese coast. The Bundestag has extended the mandates of the two foreign missions.

– Those persecuted by the Nazi regime, as well as their descendants, will in the future have the legal right to a German passport. To this end, parliament passed a reform of the citizenship law.

– In the future, devices containing digital items such as tablets or smartwatches will be subject to an update obligation. A new law will force sellers to regularly update their products.

– Due to the lack of passengers during the coronavirus crisis, buses and trains will receive another state injection of funding. The Bundestag decided to provide local public transport with another billion euros.

– Contract periods for mobile phone tariffs, streaming services and fitness studies will be limited by law to facilitate switching to another provider.

– Entry restrictions related to the pandemic can continue to apply even if the pandemic ends nationwide. The Bundestag also passed an amendment to the Infection Protection Act.

– Despite declining infection figures, the Bundestag remains in coronavirus mode as a precaution. Parliament extended the rule that parliament already has a quorum with more than a quarter of its members.

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