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A new survey shows how cannabis has affected our workouts during the pandemic. Here is the breakdown of THC and CBD users.

COVID-19 has affected much of our lives. While 2021 has been, in many ways, a return to normalcy, the pandemic is still ongoing and we have learned a few habits that we will incorporate into our new normalcy, including how we consume our cannabis. Although the pandemic clearly facilitated weed smoking, a new study found that it was also more common to exercise while elevated.

The study, performed by the FitRated fitness review website, surveyed more than 1,000 people who incorporate cannabis into their workouts. The survey, conducted between April 22 and 28, 2021, specifically asked participants about cannabis-powered workouts during the height of the pandemic and how its use has changed since the pandemic began. Depending on whether it was THC or CBD, respondents consumed cannabis in different ways.

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The results show that THC users consume cannabis before or during workouts, using it as a stimulant or tool to focus. CBD users consume cannabis after their workouts, taking advantage of the repairing properties of the compound.

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When asked about cannabis use before workouts, most people said they discovered a method that works best for carrying out their workout routine. When asked if cannabis made them too lethargic to work, 46% of participants said no. 41% of THC users said cannabis helped them have enough motivation to exercise.

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When it came to breaking personal records, 62% of THC users said they broke personal records after consuming cannabis. Half (50%) of CBD users said the same. With a small margin, CBD users were able to train for longer periods of time (48 minutes versus 45 minutes for THC users). In terms of training intensity, 62% of cannabis users of all types said their cannabis workouts were more intense than if they were being practiced.

Despite being an enlightening reading, the study crystallizes some of the main differences between working with CBD and working with THC. Both are motivating, but THC seems to make workouts more intense and focused, while CBD helps with recovery.

Cannabis might just be the reason to motivate you to move again.

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