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When I first met the Malaysian education market, MyClaaz, my first thought was that I was trying to do too much.

It seemed to cater to students of all ages and welcomed trainers in any subject, whether school or more professional, such as compliance and investments. My second thought was: who was I trying to target?

But the founder, Dr. Zaharuddin, said this was intentional. At first, it was aimed at students at the school, but he realized that was too typical and narrow for a goal.

And he is right. Look through Vulcan Post educational category and there you will find several articles on educational markets aimed at school students, many written in recent years.

But that was not the only problem. Dr. Zaharuddin said they even went so far as to analyze existing edutech platforms that have specific revenue targets and realized that these figures were not good enough for his team.

In addition, I wanted to mimic the concept of restaurant e-commerce to a wider audience with a matching scale of offerings, citing Udemy, Coursera, and Teachable as some global examples.

Create opportunities from the pandemic

On paper, it sounded good. In practice, however, Dr. Zaharuddin acknowledged that this was a great challenge, especially with a limited amount of capital.

To manage costs efficiently, prioritization was helpful, and trainers, tutors, and teachers were first incorporated. Then there were events to raise awareness about MyClaaz and thus attract registered members.

When the stock market crashed in March 2020, MyClaaz also took advantage of it to host events that showed how it could be an alternative way to make money for skilled people. In return, it attracted a large crowd to the site.

Looking through MyClaaz, trainers (we will use it as a general term) can provide a variety of services, from individual (physical) classes to video calls, videos and exams, and more. The experience seems pretty standard in most educational markets.

Colored icons mean that the coach offers these specific services / Image Credit: MyClaaz

MyClaaz was not an idea born of the pandemic, hence its offer of individual classes. But the pandemic changed his plans. With new features, such as event creations, coaches no longer have to rely on individual classes to win.

“It can take years,” Dr. Zaharuddin said of earnings through physical classes, “so we encourage coaches to sell tickets for educational events, e-books, and instructional videos. Each sale will provide us with a percentage.” similar to when a coach completes a lesson ”.

Building the quality of your offers

Like any other product sold online, quality is often a concern, perhaps even more so when it comes to education. The site is a registered training provider under the Human Resource Development Fund (HRDF), and MyClaaz has some basic verification procedures.

Dr. Zaharuddin explained, “At the current stage, we cannot be too strict as we are new. Too many restrictions will leave us with a small number of trainers, so the only verification processes for trainers are their identity. [verification] and qualification certificates to hang on the platform. “By doing so, they will get a verified badge.

At the same time, MyClaaz collaborates with administrators of schools, colleges and colleges to provide quality trainers and teachers.

If somehow a coach ignores the MyClaaz review and the students submit genuine reports about a false grade or a harmful event, the site withholds the coach’s payment and returns it to the student. The coach’s account will also be deactivated, depending on the terms and conditions.

Currently, coaches can determine their own fees, some even offer one-time RM10 classes, and MyClaaz reduces 20% of each transaction.

Clicking on a coach’s profile displays the list of available classes / Image Credit: MyClaaz

While this freedom benefits coaches, it still presents a potential risk of overload, which MyClaaz should watch out for.

However, in each subject, there is a wide variety of trainers to choose from, so students should be able to research before deciding who to book.

Persevere through skepticism as a new place

For its first exercise since its launch in June 2020, Dr. Zaharuddin announced that MyClaaz was about to generate revenue of 1 billion euros. Users in more than 20 countries have also made more than 14,000 transactions.

One of the team’s biggest challenges has been a slow conversion rate, while allowing for benefits to coaches, such as easy pay gateways. Despite this, Dr. Zaharuddin is not discouraged.

“I think it’s a bit normal when people try something new and unknown. The other challenges also face other digital platforms: skepticism, suspicion, and so on. Some of these platforms survive and others do not. We hope to survive, “he said.

Going forward, it plans to provide the system as a SaaS with minor modifications to suit the needs of future customers and establish MyClaaz in other countries as well.

They include Nigeria, Indonesia, Singapore, Brunei and India, but of course, with the pandemic slowing things down, MyClaaz will first strengthen its position in Malaysia.

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Based on the MyClaaz brand, it is clear that it wants to differentiate itself from the many other edutech sites that serve primarily school students.

Classes that teach more advanced subjects, such as stocks, investments, and business management, are also more likely to earn more income per student, so it makes sense that this is an area MyClaaz wants to take advantage of.

While the site doesn’t lack offers, perhaps you could introduce a box-based filtering system to fine-tune ease of use. Currently, to reach a specific topic, the user has to hover the cursor over a bunch of drop-down links several times, which is slower and prone to bad clicks.

Not the most convenient method to filter at this time / Image Credit: MyClaaz

As MyClaaz grows, the team may find the need to tighten their verification procedures and establish a healthy price range for the different classes as well.

One way MyClaaz can really stand out would be if its coaches could locate their topics skillfully. For example, investment or business management in the context of Malaysia, taking into account the different regulations or attitudes that exist.

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Featured Image Credit: Dr. Zaharuddin, founder and managing editor of MyClaaz

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