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Luminas is a brand of pain relief patches that delivers a soothing feeling to achy muscles and joints. Marketed primarily for athletic and active individuals, the patch claims to offer faster relief than other options on the market today without any medications or other chemicals.

What is Luminas?

For anyone that has major physical demands from their job, pain relief is a constant concern. For mild pain, using a dose of acetaminophen or ibuprofen is usually enough to take it away. Still, this type of medicine can wreak havoc on the liver and kidneys over time. In fact, there’s a warning label on most pain relief medications that advise against using them for more than a certain number of days. Individuals with more severe pain may even seek out medication from their doctor, but that comes with side effects. Stronger, prescription-only medication can damage the body, causing a dependence as the body builds up a tolerance.

Professional athletes and highly active individuals go through a lot of discomfort with their work, and the use of prescription drugs only puts them at risk for major problems later on. The use of CBD, both topically and orally, has become a highly sought-after option, but many regulations still state that it is not allowed in their leagues. The creators behind Luminas decided to find a solution for those individuals that are tired of putting themselves at risk for the sake of living without pain. Their new patch provides a unique take on pain relief.

The Luminas patches have no side effects to date, and users can place it exactly where the pain is for almost instant relief. Within minutes, consumers will notice that the pain is absolutely gone, and that same relief goes on for twice as long as what they would experience with medication. The patches are even safe enough to where for a total of 24 hours if that duration is necessary.

These patches have already gained the attention of many professional athletes, including Dwight Freeney. Freeney, who played 16 seasons in the NFL with the Seattle Seahawks, Indianapolis Colts, and other teams, was admittedly “a big skeptic” before seeing what the patches could do. However, after trying the patches himself, the pain seemed to melt away.

“The next day, I’m walking around feeling better. And without having to put drugs into my body is huge,” said Freeney.

Dr. Craig Davis, who regularly treats pro-athletes, has also found success in treating his other industry patients. Without any chemicals or even a smell, he says that he’s seen no side effects for the individuals he’s used them on.

“We’ve seen a tremendous decrease in the injuries and their levels of discomfort, and their recovery is happening as soon as they put the patch on,” said Dr. Davis.

In every Luminas patch, users may be surprised to find that there’s no medication whatsoever. There aren’t even chemicals that the patch pushes into the bloodstream through the skin. So how does it work? Let’s find out.

Luminas Reviews
Luminas Reviews

How Luminas Works?

The Luminas patches are as effective as they have to do with “energy medicine,” which is a fancy way of describing thermography’s integration to relieve pain. The creators state that their understanding of the “electronic code” of natural ingredients helps them to activate certain receptors in the body to relieve the pain.

What’s interesting about this product is that the creators don’t actively state that there are ingredients in this formula. Instead, they state that they’ve included “the electronic codes of 200+ natural pain-relieving ingredients to radiate healing throughout the body.”

Those codes come from:

  • Magnesium, which regulates multiple functions in the body (especially regarding nerve impulses).
  • Turmeric, which is broadly praised for its ability to reduce inflammation and heal sore joints.
  • Ginger, which has many active compounds to promote soothing and reduce nausea.
  • Vitamin B12, which is a necessary nutrient for healthy nerves.
  • Chamomile, which has an overall calming effect on the body.

White willow bark, which is a natural pain reliever that has been compared to the effects of aspirin.

However, the list doesn’t end there. The creators state that there are “literally hundreds more,” referencing other ingredients like motherwort, bromelain, frankincense, and peony (to name a few). One of the most important ingredients that consumers will notice is the use of Bioperine, which is a black pepper extract that increases the bioavailability of any ingredient that it is paired with. Essentially, its role is to amplify the effects of the other substances it is paired with.

Purchasing Luminas

In every box of the Luminas patches, consumers will receive a total of 24 patches, divided evenly between medium (1.5” x 2.75”) and large sizes (2.75” x 4”). One box presently costs $39.99, which is a drop from the typical $53.99 price tag. Users are responsible for covering the shipping fee ($8.95) with this order.

Users that want to stock up get a major advantage – a lower price! The website offers packages of two boxes ($67.98 or $33.99 each) or three boxes ($89.97 or $29.99 each), bringing down the cost per package. Anyone that orders the largest package of three boxes will also get a box of water-resistant patches and free shipping.

Anyone who wants to speed up the shipping time also offers priority shipping within three days for $7 more or express shipping within 1-2 days for $21 more.

If the user finds that this pain patch doesn’t help them in the way they’d hoped for, they have up to 30 days to ask the customer service team for a refund. They can be reached by sending an email to [email protected] or calling 844-244-1400 on weekdays only.

Frequently Asked Questions About Luminas

Are Luminas patches comfortable?

Yes. The patch is specially created so that it doesn’t cause itch or irritation, and there are no chemicals inside to create an unwanted smell.

How long do users need to wear the Luminas patches?

There’s no designated amount of time that the user must wear the patch, but the relief happens within a few minutes of applying it to the afflicted area. The patch can safely be worn for up to a whole day, but users can remove it when they’ve gotten the pain relief they need.

What are the active ingredients in the Luminas patches?

There are none. This patch only focuses on thermography’s benefits (the use of energy codes), soothing the muscles without chemicals, botanicals, or any other ingredients that could put the user at risk.

Are there any side effects?

No. All of the ingredients used for their electronic codes are already known for natural pain relief, and no customers have complained of adverse effects at this time.


Luminas provides users with a natural method of pain relief that is non-addictive and completely natural. Even when in pain, there’s no reason that consumers need to put themselves at risk for internal damage or even death. The patches ensure that consumers can become comfortable again without adding any other stress to their internal organs, taking a sharp turn away from the use of pain relief drugs.

To learn more about the Luminas patches, check out this promotional video:

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