List of M’sian games released during the pandemic and where to play them


Throughout the pandemic, we are seeing more people become gamers, whether it’s through board games, mobile games or even video games, which is no surprise.

Some of the most popular games I always see in friends posts are Overcooked, Rated, Genshin impact, etc. And, of course, the famous Among Us that went viral last year.

But all this was not locally made, although in the pandemic we have appeared more local. So in this article we would like to highlight some Malaysian games released during the pandemic that may have been overlooked in the shadow of more popular and global games.

Image credit: 19:00

Terror enthusiasts would probably enjoy it. The game is the first in an anthology and features three children living in a low-cost apartment block in Malaysia, with the animation illustrated in an interesting paper-cut style.

The game takes place during the month of Hungry Ghost, and is a decision-based game with conversations and a story focused on getting a mysterious and new neighbor to play with you. As you play, you’re sure to find scenes and interactions that seem extremely familiar to you, and no doubt the developers have definitely captured the authenticity of the lifestyles shown.

19:00 too he won the Grand Jury Prize at last year’s Level Up KL SEA Games Awards.

Developer: Return to the cellar

Price: 14.90 RM

Date of publication: September 2, 2020

How to play: PC

19:00 are available for purchase here and Steam.

Image Credit: Wanuxi

We know we start with a lot of horror, but trust us when we say it’s not the only genre on this list. Known for its horror game concept of discovering missing people’s phones, Kaigan Games has released another game where you will have to discover hidden clues and solve cryptic puzzles on a lost phone that is about to self-destruct.

You will work with a former scientist to search for messages, emails, videos, photos, and more. to solve puzzles. Certainly, this game seems more suited to the huge worldwide fan base of the Doctor Who series, and it really takes place simultaneously in the current BBC series.

Kaigan Games is known for previous versions such as Sara Is Missing and Simulacra, which were previously nominated to the best user experience at the Webby Awards in 2019, as well as 14th International Mobile Gaming Awards.

Developer: Kaigan Games

Price: 19.90 RM

Date of publication: January 31, 2020

How to play: Mobile, PC, PS4, Xbox or Switch

Simulacra 2 is available for purchase here.

Image Credit: Jump Dash Roll

Musicians, you are playing with this game. No Straight Roads is an action-adventure adventure in which the main characters, Mayday and Zuke, have to take over a corrupt EDM empire, Vinyl City, with rock music.

Mayday is played by a local voice actor whom we actually play covered previously, Su Ling Chan and Zuke are also played by another local voice actor, Steven Bones.

There are no straight roads first internal project developed by Metronomics, a Malaysian studio launched by Wan Hazmer, known as the lead designer of Final Fantasy XV.

Developer: Metronomics

Price: RM 77.99 for PC and US $ 39.99 for PS4, Xbox and Switch (RM165.56)

Date of publication: August 25, 2020

How to play: PC, PS4, Xbox and Switch

There are no straight roads available for purchase here.

Image credit: Bake ‘n Switch

This game is for co-op enthusiasts. The pandemic cooking mania was not only limited to IRL, but was also simulated in this game, albeit in a less direct way. Instead of baking the bread normally, you should pick up the characters from the dough that walks them, toss them to each other until they become a large piece of dough, and toss them into the oven.

Oh, and we mentioned it, are there viscous enemies that will try to corrupt your mass and hurt you? So you will face multiple hurdles as you try to cook.

Bake ‘n Switch can be played with the collaboration of up to 4 people, but you can also play PvP to come out as the best baker. Otherwise, you can always opt for a player’s standard mode.

Developer: Streamline games

Price: RM32 activated Steam and US $ 29.99 Switch (RM124.15)

Date of publication: August 21, 2020

How to play: PC and Switch

Bake ‘n Switch is available for purchase here.

Image credit: Postknight 2

It seems that this pandemic is generating more sequels for beloved local games, and Postknight is no exception. For those unfamiliar, Postknight is a fantasy role-playing game where packages like cards or even stinky socks are delivered, but which will face challenges like the wolves carrying you.

The current world, Prism, is set 7 years later after the events of the first Postknight, so you don’t have to perform the first one before playing the sequel. Since the game is still in development, you may have some errors while playing, such as UI size issues, screen lock, and so on.

Developer: Kurechii

Price: Free

Date of publication: March 23, 2021 (early access)

How to play: Phone

Postknight 2 can be downloaded here.

Image Credit: Casual players

A company launched in 2018, Forust Studio will release its first internal game known as The Company Man. It’s a 2D action and adventure game where you hit your annoying co-workers with a keyboard and defeat your evil bosses with emails to make your way as CEO.

The team was inspired by the popular American sitcom “The Office” and their own work experiences in the corporate world (fart coworkers are just one example). And almost like in the real world, game coffee has healing properties.

Developer: Forust Study

Price: 34.99 RM

Date of publication: May 28, 2021

How to play: PC

The company man is available here and Steam.

Image credit: Fairs at Midnight

Fairs at Midnight is about discovering the story of a (possibly toxic) relationship between a photographer and his girlfriend that was established in 1999. How you do it is solving puzzles, playing games, looking at your things like photos. and their phones and more.

One thing to keep in mind, though, is that this game includes adult content that can be triggering for some, such as sexual imagery, alcohol, drug use, sexual assault triggers, and even suicide. For many critics, the abilities to tell stories of this game were what really made it memorable.

Developer: Person Theory Games

Price: RM28

Date of publication: July 9, 2020

How to play: PC

Fires at Midnight is available to buy here.

Image credit: ageless

The game follows Kiara, the main character who is able to manipulate the flora and fauna to help her on her journey. For example, you can speed up the aging process of a plant or animal to help you overcome a high obstacle or destroy a wall. The game’s settings can remind you of a lot of classic Bounce, including its pixelated design.

However, unlike Bounce, Ageless is about Kiara, who is on a journey of self-discovery and finds her place in this world amid her struggles with anxiety and depression.

Developer: One More Dream Studio

Price: RM39 activated Steam and £ 10.99 per Switch (64.50 RM)

Date of publication: July 28, 2020

How to play: PC and Switch

Ageless is available for purchase here.

What to expect:

Image Credit: GamerBraves

Although it has not yet been officially released, GigaBash has already been won handful of awards and SEA Game Awards nominations and more.

GigaBash has a fighter of giant monsters and heroes fighting in cities and other parts of the world. You can choose to compete with 3 other friends in a game or fight against other opponents online.

Passion Republic has also previously worked with others big name studies for the games Mortal Kombat X, Uncharted 4, Dark Souls 3, Gears of War and Batman: Arkham Knight.

Developer: Games of the Republic of the Passion

Price: TBA

Date of publication: It hasn’t been published yet, but it’s expected to come out someday in 2021

How to play: PC and PS4

Image credit: Zombie Soup

Another game from the past, Zombie Soup is a top-down shooting game that takes place in the 80s, following the main character, Ricky, a young freshman.

In the game, you will enter different places and rooms of a small town full of city people who turned into zombies. And as they come for you, you’ll have to shoot them all, including the bosses. The game also includes a story mode where you can find out who is behind the zombie outbreak.

Developer: AeonSparx Interactive

Price: TBA

Date of publication: It is expected to be launched sometime in 2021

How to play: PC

Zombie Soup is available to add to your wish list here and Steam.

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From this list, it is clear that there is diversity in the type of games that local developers develop in terms of concept, design, gameplay, etc., and it is also comforting to know that our local games have enough demand for some to come with sequelae.

If you’ve been bored playing the same popular games for the past year, it’s worth trying the ones on this list. After all, there is no better time to support the venue, and you can take pleasure in it.

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