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The rates of suicidal tendencies and mental health disorders caused by the closures in Malaysia were the main reason for calls to psychosocial helplines. The star.

People are struggling with job loss, stigmatization and shortage of basic necessities. Although your basic needs are covered to some extent through #KibarBenderaPutih movement, it has been more difficult to find accessible help for mental health.

This list serves as an update of ours Article 2020 on affordable mental health services written during World Mental Health Month in October. Compiled by Amanda from Care Pocket, the Instagram user was one of the parties who helped bring these names together in last year’s post as well.

All the services listed below are considered affordable as they are priced below RMS 100 per session. The services are carried out mainly by psychologists in training or advisers who carry out their master’s degrees to become licensed professionals in the field.

To confirm that the shared rates on Amanda’s post were accurate, Vulcan Post also contacted service providers to verify them. Therefore, the shared rates below are accurate at the time of writing and exclude any possible prescribed medication.

Disclaimer: This list is not exhaustive, and if you have a life-threatening situation or an emergency, call 24-hour toll-free: Love Line in 15999 or Friends at 03-79568145 for immediate help.

1. Humanity

The humanity is made up of interns in Master in Professional Counseling or Psychology who are all under the supervision of professionals with experience in mental health. Their sessions are priced at RM 50.

Those who are unable to pay the full price for financial reasons can tell their advisers what they can afford. It conforms to the service’s policy of not excluding anyone based on their financial situation.

Cost: RM50 (participant).

Contact: Book an appointment at yours website.

2. Prosper well

Thrive Well conducting a community counseling session / Image credit: Thrive Well

Formerly known as SOLS Health, the entity has been branded Prosper well and performs its services in English, BM and Mandarin.

Thrive Well is a social enterprise focused on extending mental health services to marginalized communities with high needs in a sustainable manner.

Advisory services with subsidized prices are offered to students, OKU or those with family incomes below 3,500 RM / month. To apply, you must provide supporting documents (student ID, OKU card or payroll) which will be approved on a case-by-case basis.

These sessions will be conducted by participants and will cost 50 RM / hour for individuals and 100 RM / 1.5 hours for couples and families.

Otherwise, the standard prices for your psychological management consultation with associate therapists are 150 RM / hour for individuals and 250 RM / 1.5 hours for couples or families.

Cost: RM50 / individual or RM150 / couple or family (for students, OKU or B40 families, all run by participants).

Contact: WhatsApp 018-9003247 or make an appointment website.

3. MentCouch Psychology Center

MentCouch Psychology Center / Image Credit: MentCouch Psychology Center

MentCouch Psychology Center provides a safe and friendly environment to open up Lend an ear The program was created for those who simply want to hear ears without judgment and in a supervised environment.

His team confirmed with Vulcan Post that the Lend an Ear service is still available for RM50.

Cost: RM50 (Lends an ear).

Contact: Send them a message Facebook or Instagram.

4. Mental Health Association of Malaysia

Formed by a group of mental health professionals from the Medical Center of the University of Malaya (former University Hospital), Malaysian Mental Health Association (MMHA) wants to destigmatize mental illness in the community.

Psychological support services with MMHA students are available for RM 50 per session, while the fees of a certified advisor are RM 100 per session and RM120 for the first session.

MMHA also offers grants to customers who are unable to pay the fee due to financial difficulties.

Cost: RM50 (participant).

Contact: WhatsApp 017-6133039 or send them a message Facebook or Instagram.

5. Psychological solutions of people

Online counseling sessions can cost up to 60 RM / Image Credit: People Psychological Solutions

It is a frequently cited statistic that 1 in 4 people will experience some mental health problem at some point in their life. Psychological solutions of people (PPS) aims to provide comprehensive psychological assessment and therapy services for students, working professionals and the like.

Online counseling is available for those who prefer to have the comfort of therapy in their own private space. Each session with a student completing their final year of practicum at the master’s level will cost 60 RMS, while a session with a qualified PPS team member is 250 RMS.

Participating in evidence-based practices will only provide and provide advice that proves effective based on available research in addressing your issues.

Cost: RM60 (participant).

Contact: WhatsApp 017-8992207.

6. Psychological services We lie

They have a list of services that cater to children, teens and adults / Image Credit: Mentem Psychological Services

Based in Subang Jaya, Psychological services Mentem (Lie) practices an uncritical view of clients and works with people from all walks of life. His team does this through services such as Expressive Art, Game Therapy and Sandboxes, Personality Profile Assessments and Individual Therapy.

Counseling sessions with Master’s students who are currently undergoing clinical training will cost 80 RMS / hour. Otherwise, a session with your clinical psychologists will cost between 250 and 300 RM / hour, depending on the years of experience.

Cost: RM80 (participant).

Contact: WhatsApp 012-3661090 or email [email protected]

7. Aloe Mind

Aloe Mind is an online platform that connects people in need with licensed therapists and counselors and who conduct sessions exclusively through voice or video calls in Malaysia and Singapore.

With the mission of making mental health care affordable and accessible to all, your site has a free mental health test you can take to get a better understanding of your mood.

Online sessions with licensed Aloe Mind therapists start at RM48 to do a mental health screening and subsequent counseling sessions will cost RM 120 (with promotions).

Cost: RM48 (mental health screening).

Contact: WhatsApp or call 017-803 8384 or make an appointment website.

8. Psycle Consulting

With experience in the management of chronic diseases, anger control and various mental health disorders, Psycle Consultancy integrates physical and mental care. His online therapy for People was created in an effort to help the community manage the stressors of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Under this program, people with financial difficulties can schedule an initial 60-minute consultation using Zoom with the team’s practicing clinical psychologists at a rate of 30 RM. Depending on the person’s financial circumstances, subsequent sessions may be € 30 / session or free of charge, his team told Vulcan Post.

There is currently also Psycle Consultancy offering psychological services in the areas of stress control, sleep problems, anxiety, depression, and so on. for RM30 as a limited time offer.

Cost: RM30 (participant).

Contact: WhatsApp 018-7798677 or email [email protected]

9. SEED connections

Office Therapy Rooms / Image Credit: SEED Connections

SEED connections was established to care for the mental health and socioemotional well-being of children and families. Services available include Play Therapy for children, online counseling / psychotherapy and family / couple therapy.

Although their student counseling services (RM50) are fully booked at this time, appointments can be arranged with psychologists and clinical counselors (RM150-RM210).

Vulcan Post was informed that those who are interested but cannot afford the fees can submit their application and request sliding rates (pay whatever you can afford). This is in line with its goal of providing affordable mental health services to everyone.

Cost: RM50 (in practice), RM150-RM201 (psychologists and clinical counselors).

Contact: WhatsApp 017-2776605 or through your Instagram.

Services that are currently fully booked, but will be available again soon:

10. How to do it

Face Face is named after a type of orange / Image Credit: Face Face

Looking at mental health as a goal of mental fitness, How he wants people to achieve personal and professional growth without breaking the bank. Therefore, the updated prices of their mental training (therapy) packages start in a session of 50 RM / hour with internship advisors.

You can also opt for sessions with a professional advisor for RM120 / session or a 6-session package for RM480 ​​in total (RM80 / session). As the Face to Face waiting list is closed, public bookings will reopen once advisors are available.

Cost: RM50 (participant).

Contact: Sign up for a session here.

11. Serene psychological services

Serene psychological services provides psychological consultations, psychotherapy, counseling and psychological assessments for various mental disorders.

In addition, assessments for children are also available at the center, such as IQ tests, ADHD, autism spectrum disorders, and more.

Since their appointments with students (RM60) are already booked, their team told Vulcan Post that they will accept new clients in August.

Cost: RM60 (participant).

Contact: Whatsapp 018-7772242 or send an email to [email protected]

12. Center for psychological services and counseling

Established by the Department of Psychology of HELP University, Center for psychological services and counseling (CPCS) aims to make mental health accessible to the community.

CPCS serves as a training center for students pursuing their Master’s in Clinical Psychology and Master’s in Counseling programs. All CPCS benefits will be used to fund community service projects.

Because all appointments with students are complete, registration is temporarily closed to the general public (except students and HELP University staff) until further notice.

Cost: Free for HELP students, 30 RM / hour for the public (in training).

Contact: Send them a message Instagram or sign up for yours website.

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Feel free to seek help if you or a loved one suffers from anxiety, depression, anger problems or other mental health conditions, whether caused or aggravated by the pandemic or not.

Again, if you are in a life-threatening situation or in an emergency, call toll-free 24-hour hotlines: Love Line in 15999 or Friends at 03-79568145 for immediate help.

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