Liquid Metal Is Taking The Decor World By Storm; Here’s 5 Reasons Why

Liquid Metal Is Taking The Decor World By Storm; Here's 5 Reasons Why

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The surface designing world is constantly changing and ever-evolving. Liquid Metal is a new-age innovation that provides architects and interior designers exciting textures and finishes to play with.  Here we enlist 5 reasons why liquid metal will change the dimensions of the design arena of modern times.

1. Liquid metal can transform surfaces from mundane to remarkable

The applications of these finishes are not limited to flat and smooth surfaces only. You can easily apply it onto any curved or 3D surfaces even with an uneven base! The best part? Anything you design using liquid metal will be evenly and properly covered in spectacular luxury.

Rust finished bar backdrop by Evolve India

2. It is light and easier to use than metal sheets

Remember those age-old metal sheets that once installed were oh-so-difficult to change? But with liquid metal, there are no such restrictions or boundaries. Not only is it easy to apply onto any surface, but one can also replace them with new finishes and designs as and when they wish to.

Copper finished wall panels by Evolve India

3. Textures, designs or patinas – do whatever pleases you

    Just when you think you can’t do more, we hit you with this! You can play with patinas and create a wonderful shade of any metal and ensure your surface is as unique as you are.

     Rust finished office interiors by Evolve India

    4. Liquid metal gives you a lust for lustre

    Manufactured using real metal, liquid metal has a shine that is hard to ignore and is absolutely unmatched. Also, unlike other metallic paints, its shine won’t die out with time. Once you get your surfaces shining, they will stay as stellar as the first day you got them done, at least for a few years.

    Brass finished room divider by Evolve India

    5. Eco-friendly and sustainable – a truly green product!

    The best part about these innovative finishes is that they are eco-friendly. Evolve India, a Mumbai based company manufactures liquid metal finishes using real metal in an aqueous base. This feature also makes the products free of any toxic chemicals and thus user-friendly! 

    Copper Patina finished home interiors by Evolve India


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