Lincolnshire Trust chooses Healthcare Communications ’patient portal


Northern Lincolnshire and Goole NHS Foundation Trust have come into operation with a patient participation portal across their outpatient clinic.

Through the Healthcare Communications portal, Trust can now send digital appointment letters and allow patients to reschedule and cancel appointments using mobile devices.

Since it began operating with the technology, more than 26,000 digital messages have been sent to patients. Thanks to the ability to cancel or postpone online appointments, more than 900 appointments have been reused for patients with a waiting list.

It is hoped that the solution will save costs on paper, postage and printing, as well as reduce “no attendance” rates.

Shauna McMahon, trusted CIO, said: “Improving the patient experience is the core of the NHS, and a key principle in our digital strategy is to provide high-quality, patient-centered care, driven by digital innovation.

“Therefore, we are excited to work with Healthcare Communications, which helps us meet these ambitions, as it allows us to provide information in a timely manner, while offering our patients the opportunity to choose how they interact with us.

The trust now intends to continue with hospital letter digitization plans, before also extending the use of the technology to the trust diagnosis and therapy departments.

The portal allows trusted staff to configure patient letters, including text modifications and changes in the frequency of reminders. It is also capable of translating digital letters into 99 languages, while providing other patient accessibility features, such as increasing font size and background color changes.

Kenny Bloxham, managing director of Healthcare Communications, said: “Patient experience is increasingly important across the industry, with a shift towards a model that gives patients more control and ownership over their care.

“It is therefore refreshing to see so much confidence in the NHS exploring the potential of digital technology that puts the patient first, while allowing them to maintain the high quality services they offer.”

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