Lesbian, gay and bisexual smokers have a higher risk of smoking menthol cigarettes


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Compared to heterosexual smokers, menthol tobacco is higher among lesbian, gay, and bisexual cigarette smokers, according to a study led by Rutgers, especially among bisexual and lesbian / gay cigarette smokers.

The study, published in the journal Research on nicotine and tobacco, examined national data from 2015 to 2019 on individuals 18 years of age or older by sex and and found that among smokers, 54 and 50 percent of bisexual and lesbian / gay women smokers preferred menthol cigarettes, respectively, compared to 39 percent of smokers in general.

This study comes in the wake of plans by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to ban menthol cigarettes, a move researchers say is necessary given the popularity of menthol among , including juvenile smokers and black smokers.

“There is a lot of research showing that bisexual women report disproportionately high rates of substance use, including cigarette smoking,” said Ollie Ganz, lead author and instructor at the Rutgers Center for Tobacco Studies. “Our study confirms that this is also the case . Given what we know about the impact of menthol on initiation, nicotine dependence, and successful smoking cessation, these high rates of menthol use among bisexual women smokers may be exacerbating smoking disparities. cigarettes “.

Future studies, researchers say, are needed to report specific interventions to prevent the onset of menthol cigarettes and promote smoking cessation among lesbian, gay, and bisexual smokers, as well as to examine the impact of a possible ban on menthol, such as the one proposed by the FDA on this population.

Would menthol cigarettes be banned if the typical consumer were young, white, upper-middle class?

More information:
Ollie Ganz et al, Smoking and the role of menthol in inequalities in tobacco use for sexual minorities, Research on nicotine and tobacco (2021). DOI: 10.1093 / ntr / ntab101

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