Lemonhaze’s exclusive golf tournament celebrates cannabis executives


Lemonhaze, the celebrated B2B convention and events company, will produce the inaugural golf invitation to the cannabis industry executive on October 19, 2021 in Las Vegas.

The event, full of stars, by invitation only, will feature the most prominent and powerful innovative C-suites in the cannabis industry.

“We are proud to welcome the largest number of the most powerful executives on legalized adult cannabis who have ever met in the same place at the same time,” he said. Lemonhaze Brian Yauger, CEO. “Lemonhaze is here to help the industry grow together, and our events like this make it possible.”

The exclusive day of golf and networking will begin early at 9:00 am at Cascada Golf Club, one of America’s 100 Best Golf Courses.

Carefully selected C-suite executives and vice presidents of the largest cannabis companies in the country they will be sent golf clubs from home and picked up at their hotels in limousine buses.

Photos courtesy of Lemonhaze.

The guest list includes attendees such as CEOs of Curaleaf, ROVE, MJ Holdings, NewTropic and famous guests such as the winner of the Heisman Trophy. Ricky Williams and visual artist Fab Five Freddy.

In an interview with Cannabis and Technology Today Yauger shared how his experience as a football coach and as an assistant support coach at Oklahoma State University inspired the golf executive invitation.

Yauger explained that there are several annual football conventions, but the head coaches never walked around the convention hall. Coaches preferred to go alone to meet like-minded professionals rather than fight the convention audience.

Yauger wondered, “What is the cannabis equivalent of a head coach?” The answer was the director and the vice presidents, the decision makers, the leaders of the cannabis industry.

“Not many people in the world understand what it’s like to make an acquisition of more than a hundred million dollars, which is acquired with an acquisition of more than one hundred million dollars,” Yauger said.

“We wanted to bring all these people together in one place at a time and give them the opportunity to be together, live the day and be able to net with each other. Somewhere they are not walking around the trade fairs, being hit by the vendor in all directions, to have fun in a relaxing environment and be able to spend the day together, ”added Yauger.

Attendees will have the opportunity to play with some of the best cannabis companies with renowned sponsors such as Curaleaf, Fluence, TILT Holdings, LeafLink and more. Cannabis and technology today is acting as a media sponsor.

“What makes this industry so fun is that anyone in the industry by nature is a startup,” Yauger said. “These are the people who are building this industry and it’s been amazing to meet everyone.”

Yauger confirmed that Lemonhaze intends to make the Cannabis Industry Executive Golf Invitational an annual event. This is an independent event MJBizCon, away from convention rooms to create a more intimate networking experience.

“It’s been an absolute blast, just to be able to talk to all these ladies and gentlemen who are playing and to hear the excitement that they are able to do something they have never been able to do before, to enter the same room. With others people who have the same challenges and the same things they have to deal with at work has been amazing, ”Yauger said.

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