Leeds Teaching first to integrate the targeted criteria download path into the EPR


Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust has integrated the Criteria-Based Discharge (CLD) pathway into its electronic medical record system, PPM +.

CLD will play an important role in supporting patient flow and releasing capacity with the goal of helping confidence better manage operational pressures during the challenging winter period. The news also means that Leeds has become the first trust to integrate the Criteria-Based Discharge (CLD) pathway into its electronic health record (EHR).

The route will give patients the criteria established to meet before they can be discharged. This criterion is set by a senior medical officer and will be agreed in advance with the patient. Prior to discharge, the Leeds Multidisciplinary Team must verify that the criteria have been satisfactorily met. Once confirmed, the patient can be discharged without the need for a final check-up by on-call medical equipment.

The EHR of trust, PPM +, has been in development since 2003 and is developed and managed internally. As a result, the development team was able to incorporate the new pathway quickly and effectively.

Paul Jones, director of trusted digital information, said: “One of the many benefits of this approach is that our development team is built on trust, working closely with our physicians. This means we can prioritize our development activities based on the needs of our clinical community, allowing us to respond quickly and deliver the functionality that matters most.

“Incorporating the functionality of the CLD pathway into PPM + ensures that clinical colleagues across the organization can easily and quickly access all the information, using a system they already know, so this is truly a fantastic achievement.”

PPM + native functionality supports the CLD process, including a new dashboard with various useful widgets and a history view that provides users with an audit trail. In addition, a column and assignments on the whiteboard provide Leeds teaching hospital doctors with automatic reminders of what to do.

The incorporation of CLD is part of a broader program within the trust that was developed to optimize download processes. Recently, Leeds Children’s Hospital, part of the trust, introduced a new electronic form of height and weight for pediatric patients within PPM +, and also launched ePAWS, a system for monitoring young patients and notify staff if there is a risk of damage.

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