Lazada is the official e-commerce partner of Great Singapore Sale 2021


For the first time in 27 years, The Great Singapore Sale (GSS) joins an e-commerce platform and Lazada is proud to be its official partner this year.

The partnership will involve retailers leveraging Lazada’s expertise and reach to increase online sales, given recent restrictions and limited traffic in malls.

What makes this event more significant is that June 6, which is the start of GSS, coincides with Lazada’s annual 6.6 sale. The one-month GSS will end on July 7, marking the sale of Lazada 7.7.

This means that over the next 30 days, Lazada will offer great deals and discounts that buyers can expect.

According to the Singapore Distributors Association, this Lazada x GSS partnership also aims to increase online sales of vendors amid challenges posed by the changing retail landscape and the Covid-19 pandemic.

To kick off the event, Lazada will be holding a 24-hour flash sale throughout the store with over 270 brands, free shipping on orders over $ 5 and a new way to save more when you buy more with Lazada Bonus.

Start saving even before the sale starts

Due to Lazada’s big sale in Singapore, you can watch a lot of pre-sale activities until June 5th.

You can start spreading the word about Lazada to your family and friends, regardless of whether they are new or existing users, to help you make money using Share Pocket.

For each set of successful referrals within the day, $ 20 S will be charged to your Lazada wallet, which must be spent within two weeks.

Start collecting the Lazada bonus now / Image credit: Lazada

While you wait for GSS to pass, you can also start picking up Lazada vouchers while browsing the app. You are entitled to a $ 6 discount for every $ 50 expense, which can be applied to selected products labeled with the Loop Bonus badge on June 6th.

The Lazada bonus is released daily until then in order of arrival and classification, so be sure to visit the Lazada app as often as you can to pick up the maximum bonus.

The best part is that it can be stacked with other vouchers (free shipping, throughout the warehouse, seller and bank vouchers) for greater savings.

or looped surprise
Crack the surprise egg to win waltzes / Image Credit: Loop

To get a chance to win more vouchers, you can try breaking the surprise egg and earning up to $ 66 a day.

In addition, you can also collect coins to further reduce prices. A large mission will be issued daily until June 6 and you can earn 60 coins per mission.

looped large coins
Complete large missions daily to collect up to 600 coins / Image Credit: Loop

These coins can be used to offset up to three percent of the sale price, applicable to selected products. Also, if you manage to collect 600 coins, you can exchange it for a $ 6 discount voucher on June 6th.

Buyers can also enjoy an advance subscription price for selected products via a non-refundable deposit to block advance sale prices; all you have to do is deposit a 6% deposit first and pay the balance on June 6th.

lazada bugaboo
Bugaboo Bee 6 pre-sale package / Image credit: Lazada

For example, a package of Bugaboo Bee 6 strollers only costs S $ 1,248, as opposed to its retail price of S $ 1,448. Just pay $ 74.88 to block this special price and complete the payment on June 6th.

Look for bigger and better deals on June 6th

For the first time, Lazada will be organizing flash sales 24 hours a day in the store from midnight. This is unprecedented, as Lazada’s flash sales throughout the store usually last only two hours.

loop 6.6 comes out 2021
Some brands participating in the 24-hour flash sale of the entire store on June 6 / Image credit: Lazada

This time, more than 270 stores will offer discounts of up to 90%, including brands such as Dyson, Prism +, Adidas and Metro.

After 8 a.m., flash sales bids will be updated every two to four hours, with $ 6.60 bids from 6 to 8 p.m.

On the “Flash Sale” tab, you should also keep your eyes open on the surprise boxes. More than 150 branded surprise boxes will cost S $ 16 (worth S $ 40), up to S $ 76 (worth S $ 200).

All in all, to justify your savings, you need to collect Lazada vouchers, which you can start collecting now. Remember these three words: stack and save!

Are you ready to buy until you let go? Start browsing Lazada now to collect vouchers and get the best deals on your favorite products.

This article was written in collaboration with Lazada.

Featured Image Credit: Lazada

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